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    Motorcycle Tracker - Choose the Best Way To Track Your Motorcycle

    My last motorcycle purchase brought me a new fear: what if it gets stolen? Well, we all insurance our bikes against theft, but when you buy a 1953 original Royal Enfield, you want your collector's piece back. Insurance money after you finally bought the bike of your dreams and is a unique piece in mint condition, doesn't do much. With this scene before me, I went to all the answers on the internet. After log research, I found the perfect motorcycle tracker and got the chance to test the prototype. This new-generation state-of-the-art device is the solution for every motorcycle rider out there. Now I can sleep in peace, knowing that my bike is safe. Read on to find out more about its innovative functionalities, and make sure your favourite bike is safe wherever you go. 

    Motorcycle Tracker – Searching for the perfect one

    Finding the ideal motorcycle tracker takes some hard research because options in the market are plenty. As I said at the beginning, I set out to look for the best because finding a mint 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet is very difficult. To see this bike in such a good shape as mine has nothing to do with its condition.

    Motorcycle tracker

    The first thing I read on the internet is that it is possible to track motorcycles down once someone took them from the owner. These kinds of devices are known as motorcycle trackers. Still, after reading that the solution to what I needed existed, I had several questions:

    • How accurate are motorcycle trackers?
    • How does a tracker prevent motorcycle theft?
    • Does the tracker drain the motorcycle’s battery?
    • How long does the tracker’s battery last when not in use?
    • What happens if the motorcycle gets stolen?

    Well, I did what most of us do when we want to purchase an item that’s available on the internet. There are infinite motorcycle tracker reviews. I had no idea there were so many of them out there.

    I went through the first moment of feeling the options as overwhelming and answered each of my questions. Furthermore, I was on the search of a motorcycle tracker that could also have some other uses for me. I wanted to make an investment in safety that would, besides, give me some extra benefits.

    Here are the answers to my original questions:

    How accurate are Motorcycle Trackers? What happens if a motorcycle gets stolen?

    Motorcycle trackers usually work with GPS to find the bike and, consequently, are as accurate as the GPS installed in them is. Let’s put ourselves into the perspective of a theft: your favourite bike is missing from your garage. You were wise enough to install a motorcycle tracker that works along with a motorcycle tracking app. You open that up overtaken by fear and find that the bike hasn’t left town yet. By making a call to the police, you can easily tell them where it is and go blazing to close where the bike is. As a result, you’re in the right place where your motorcycle is being held, and with the help of the police, you might get it back.

    Motorcycle tracking system

    What if they are using a jammer?

    Reading about this I found out in fellow rider forums that mobile phone signals can get a blocking with a device called “jammer”. These little devices transmit synchronized radio waves that are in the same specific frequency range as your device. Therefore, you can’t transfer data on that device. So, if a jammer is in place, you can’t pick up the signal of your bike’s GPS and are, as a result, utterly blind in your search.

    The brand and model that I got the chance to test (came out as a solid winner in all categories) was the Vigo Smart Track. I wanted it because besides having a GPS, it also offers an Antenna and Bluetooth, making it impossible for thieves to jam the signal completely. Your bike’s cry for help will come through anyway; hence, you can always find it.

    How does a motorcycle tracker prevent your bike’s theft?

    If your motorcycle is in a garage, your tracker can tell you whether it moved without a key in the ignition. Due to the GPS attached to your motorcycle tracker device, you can know where it is. For example, if you left it at a garage, you should be able to open up your motorcycle tracker app and find if it’s still there in the middle of the night.

    Let’s take my bike as an example to illustrate this idea. I park my bikes in a garage spot of my building that is beneath the basement. If I’m in bed, sleeping at night, it has to be there. I can now reach out to my mobile phone before sleeping and the first thing in the morning to check if it moved or not, which gives me a lot of peace and I sleep better.

    (To be completely honest with you, I used to go down to see it in my pyjamas before going to bed. In addition to worry during the day, I used to worry during the night too. You don’t find a Royal like mine every day, and I hope you can understand my madness.)

    Theft prevention

    Furthermore, there are sometimes compatibility issues with trackers and bikes. If I installed the Smart Track motorcycle tracker on a 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet, you shouldn’t worry about compatibility with the motorcycle you own. These devices are not only waterproof; they are also compatible with any bike in the market. Of course, I do have a smartphone. I love old vehicles but embrace the state of the art technology and all its benefits. It works on any phone iOS or Android.

    Let’s talk batteries and motorcycle trackers

    There is a widespread issue that came up in most forum talks: most people complain about their motorcycle tracker draining their battery to feed the GPS. Let’s get one thing straight from the beginning: motorcycle trackers are a great add-on to a bike you use regularly. Moreover, if you don’t ride it at least once a month, you should use a different method to take care of the bike’s safety.

    In my case, for example, I bought my 1953 Royal Enfield Bullet to ride it only on the weekends. For this reason, I needed a motorcycle tracker that would hold the battery without draining it. The Vigo Smart Track prototype has an internal battery that charges when you roll and keeps its charge. If the bike is not in use, due to the dead motorcycle season, the Smart Track’s battery will last for two to three months. Consequently, the device doesn’t drain the battery from the bike, but it’s own. I can easily forget about doing anything at all with it the entire week and ride my other bikes to work and know exactly where the Royal is at all the time.

    There are other brands that sell motorcycle trackers with an internal battery that doesn’t connect to the one on the bike. I think this approach is not right because what if you forget to change batteries and they die? Moreover, how do you know they are low or dying? For this reason, too, I prefer the Smart Track.

    Having this peace of mind of opening my phone’s app on a Tuesday at lunch and knowing that the Royal is sitting at peace in the garage is excellent.

    Interested in the Vigo Smart Track motorcycle tracker?

    The reasons why the Vigo Smart Track is the perfect solution are the ones I described above. It beats the competition in every aspect possible. Accordingly to its tracking capabilities, it offers an excellent array of other benefits that are superlative to anything else in the market today:

    It’s small enough to fit any bike 

    The Vigo Smart Track should be something every motorcycle rider considers in the initial budget of buying any motorcycle. It is small enough to fit under the hood of any model worth tracking. The installation process is utterly intuitive and effortless. You can DIY the installation or take it to your favourite mechanic. You must place it somewhere that it is not in sight for most people. It is a waterproof device; therefore, you shouldn’t worry about it getting wet at all. I’m thinking about getting another one for my Vespa (yes, I’m a vintage-bike fanatic).

    Smart Track

    Motorcycle route tracker

    It has happened to me many times, and I’m sure you can relate to this too: finding the dream road and losing it again. Yes, one of those magic on-the-road moments in which you find the perfect spot and then can never seem to find it still can be something from the past. The Smart Track features GPS tracking history and can tell you exactly where you’ve been. I love going out on my Royal in the early morning and ride it to noon and stopping for food on the roadside. So, now I will never miss my favourite routes or restaurants again.

    SOS notification

    The Smart Track can help you in the case of an accident. I’m knocking on wood as I’m writing and hopefully it will never happen to me, especially with my Royal. But let’s be honest, accidents occur to motorcycle riders and we are more vulnerable than drivers and consequently need faster attention. This little device checks on you in the case that it senses an accident, and if you fail to respond to the app, it engages the SOS system. As a result, this system contacts your emergency number and informs them of your location. Calling for an ambulance to come to help you in time can save your life. Similar to what happened with the airbags in cars, I think this emergency system is the next big thing for motorcycle riders’ safety.

    Automatic SOS call

    Ride scoring system

    Car drivers have to be conscious of our fragility. Besides the motorcycle route tracker, the Smart Track offers a motorcycle ride tracking app, which means that it will be a monitor to the way that you ride whenever you take your bike for a spin. Consequently, it will score the way you ride. This scoring is going to push you to be a better rider because you want to push that number up. In addition to this, all of your data is protected, which means only you can access it, and decide if you wish to share it. To point out, similarly to what happens with scoring in other aspects of life, it’ll generate a healthy competition with yourself, which will improve your riding. 

    Vigo Smart Track – perfect solution for motorcyclists

    To conclude, the Vigo Smart Track is a new-generation state-of-the-art motorcycle tracker, which was designed by motorcyclists for motorcyclists. It offers motorcycle theft prevention and automatic SOS call, with which ti saves lives. It enables ride tracking and an accurate scoring system, to which only the user has access through the app. By wanting to reach the highest possible score, the Smart Track encourages the rider to ride more safely. With this the safety culture in traffic increases.

    This June the Vigo Smart Track will be available in the aftermarket for an affordable price, it will include additional free features and a free yearly subscription. If you wish to be one of the first to have one, visit this link, and pre-order this amazing motorcycle add-on 🙂


    There are few things comparable to having a reliable motorcycle tracker device that will give you peace of mind. It is crucial to protect our largely sought-after motorcycles accordingly to their emotional value. My Royal is not as expensive as my BMW GS1200, but it is not something I can find and replace with insurance money. If it gets stolen, the thief will take with him or her years of research. Since I installed the Vigo Smart Track in it, I feel much safer. Whenever I get anxious, I open the app and see it is safe in my garage. If you value your possession and want to get all the additional benefits as well, pick your Smart Track today.

    Motorcycle safety

    I hope my research was useful for you too, and you make a wise decision about the tracking device you’ll install on your bike. Feel free to pass this information on to other riders you think might benefit from it. Also, leave us a comment on how this motorcycle tracker will work with your favourite bike!

    Happy riding!

    1 Month Subscription - Vigo Smart Track


    1-month subscription for your Vigo Smart Track. 



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      9 thoughts on “Motorcycle Tracker – Choose the Best Way To Track Your Motorcycle”

        1. blank
          Petra Zagmajster

          Hi Mike,
          the Vigo Smart Track has its own SOS notification system. When it senses you had a crash (due to acceleration and outside forces) it immediately turns on the SOS function in the app. A countdown of 30 seconds appears and if you don’t respond, professional help is called. But the Vigo app can be obtained in the App Store.
          If you have other questions, I’d be happy to help.

          Take care 🙂

      1. blank

        Many questions about this:
        How often does it update locations? Can it update every 30 seconds, 1 minute, etc?

        Is there a way to see the data outside of the phone app? I see the link to https://vigobox.com/ride/LFCUH5JVCBQA so can I assume yes?

        Can the data be exported to you can see rides you have taken. Exporting so you can add to your own Google Maps account.

        For the SOS notification what does it use to determine an accident?

        What is the internal battery life of the device?

        If you are out of cellular coverage, how much data can it store?

        1. blank
          Petra Zagmajster

          Hi Andrew, thank you for the questions.
          1. The tracker provides real-time data, however, there can be a 15-sec delay when you ride. You as the user are the only one who has access to the data, and only you can decide if you want to share it with others (on Social Media etc.) By sharing it, it automatically exports Google Maps.
          2. SOS is activated when the Vigo Smart Track’s sensors detect every sudden shocks, forces, jumps or movement. At that moment the SOS is activated. A countdown of 30 sec on your app will appear and check if you are okay. If you aren’t able to click “I’m OK”, help will be called.
          3. Vigo has an internal battery, which charges when you ride. This makes sure the trackers’ battery is always at 100%, which means a 100% anti-theft protection is ensured. Even if you don’t ride, Vigo will remain in sleep mode and detect if someone were to steal your bike. By this, theft can be prevented. In the off-season, you can check the battery’s level in the app. But it will last for about 2-3 months.
          4. The device is 4g and the app can be obtained in Google Play or App Store.

          If you have any additional questions, please let us know. We’d be happy to help you.

          Take care!

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