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    Aprilia Shiver - Italian Power In A Modern Package

    The Aprilia Shiver is rather new to the market. In fact, Aprilia doesn't have a long history in manufacturing bikes other brands do. Despite this fact, they are responsible for some of the most menacing and fun bikes out there. On this occasion, this lucky rider got to be on two of their most acclaimed models (other than the RSV Mille). Hence, after riding the 750cc and the 900cc incarnations of this motorcycle, I am ready for a verdict. Besides that info you'll also find some fantastic accessories I fell in love with recently and added to some of my bikes.

    Tighten that helmet, put on your gloves and let's go. On top of these Italian stallions, la vita é bella!

    Aprilia Shiver 750

    The smallest of them is Aprilia 750, a super naked bike that looks and sounds menacing from every corner. However, the almighty design of the V-Twin roars enough power for all of us to believe this is the real deal. Moreover, Aprilia had nothing between the smaller 125cc models and the 1000cc models. When they came into the market with these naked bikes we all watched in awe. Because of the power and the looks, I enjoyed this ride a lot; let´s go straight to my lucky Italian day.

    Aprilia Shiver 750 review

    Though the day was not cloudy it wasn´t either a hot afternoon. A mild breeze was just caressing my skin as I walked into the parking lot to find my Italian date. The colour I got to test was furious red and under the sun it was even more furious. Given the fact that I get to test many motorbikes, you would think I don’t get the chills so often; well, this was an exception. The naked bike segment is so menacing and wild that it makes you want to push them to the extreme. However, we all know, an Italian engine is an Italian engine.

    Aprilia Shiver

    I turned it on and the rumble of the exhaust I wouldn´t say was a grunt, but it sure was coming from a powerful engine. Also, this Aprilia 750 comes equipped with a V-Twin, four-stroke 749cc engine that looks and performs just as you would expect. Moreover, right from the beginning, those 95 Italian stallions pushing the bike forward are good news. Also, I put on the first gear, let the clutch go a little bit and rolled gently onto the pavement.

    My first part of the test was going to be in the city to see just how good this middle-weight bike can take commutes. In the paper, it should have a fuel economy of 38.5 miles per gallon, but at city speeds and not pushing the engine too much it changes. The amazing full-colour TFT display shows up to 50mpg when you are not demanding too much of this speed-thirsty engine.

    Aprilia Shiver – a powerful and fast ride

    I loved the way the handlebar changed from older models to this and, moreover, swerving cars in rush hour was a delight. I know I am an experienced rider, but the better the bike, the more fun it is. Let me tell you that this Aprilia Shiver 750 doesn´t have anything to envy other brands and bikes with larger price tags. To begin with my testing I rolled it gently on a crowded boulevard but after half an hour I took a turn to the biggest avenue in the city. There, I got it to third gear and the speed on a naked bike gives you the shivers up the spine. This Aprilia Shiver is not only a powerful and fast ride but also a really easy to manoeuvre one too.

    However, the only thing I have to say about it as a drawback is a fact that the seat is a tad high. I´m not a tall guy by any means and had to be on the tip of my toes at every traffic light.

    Aprilia Shiver

    Finally, after roaming around I went for the open road and got to test the six gears of my Aprilia Shiver. I have to say that transitions are smooth, there is plenty of power and manoeuvrability is great. However, the stock ABS system that the company offers in Europe as a stock is not in the US and that was kind of annoying.

    In short, there is a word to describe this bike, it has three letters: FUN. It is a fun ride that has plenty of power and will keep you going as a true Italian stallion would. When I left it back at the parking lot there was this feeling of having had a ton of fun that was still in me. Finally, I looked back over my shoulder as the red of the bike and the colours of dusk became one and smiled. The Aprilia Shiver 750 is a great ride indeed.

    Aprilia Shiver 750 specs

    Engine and transmission

    • Displacement – 749.90cc
    • Engine Type – V-Twin, four-stroke
    • Engine details – 90° Longitudinal V-twin
    • Power – 95HP
    • Torque – 80.9Nm @7000RPM
    • Compression – 11.0:1
    • Bore x stroke – 92×56.4mm
    • Valves per cylinder – Four
    • Fuel system – Injection. Ride by Wire integrated engine control system.
    • Fuel control – DOHC, Double Overhead Cams/Twin Cam
    • Ignition – Digital electronic, integrated with the injection
    • Lubrication system – Wet sump
    • Cooling system – Liquid
    • Gearbox – 6-speed

    Transmission type

    • Final drive – Chain
    • Clutch – Multi-plate, hydraulically operated.
    • Emission details – Euro 3
    • Exhaust system – 100% stainless steel, 2 into 1 exhaust system with three-way catalytic converter and lambda probe

    Chassis, suspension, brakes, and wheels

    • Frame type – Modular tubular steel frame and removable rear sub-frame.
    • Rake – 25.7°
    • Trail – 109mm
    • Front Suspension – 43mm inverted fork.
    • Front-wheel travel – 120mm
    • Rear suspension – Aluminum alloy swingarm and hydraulic shock absorber.
    • Rear-wheel travel – 130mm
    • Front tire – 120/70-ZR17
    • Rear tire – 180/55-ZR17
    • Front brakes – Double-disc with four-piston radial callipers.
    • Front brakes diameter – 320mm
    • Rear brakes – Single wave disc with single-piston calliper
    • Rear brakes diameter – 240mm
    • Wheels – Aluminum alloy with radial tubeless tires.

    Physical measures and capacities

    • Dry weight – 193kg
    • Power/weight ratio – 0.4922 HP/kg
    • Seat height – 810mm
    • Overall height – 1,135mm
    • Overall length – 2,265mm
    • Overall width – 800mm
    • Wheelbase – 1,440mm
    • Fuel capacity – 15 liters (3.96 gallons)

    Aprilia Shiver 900

    Though Aprilia Shiver 750 was a lot of fun and I don´t mean to be a spoiler, but true fun starts here. To begin with, this bike is more powerful without being bulkier or too heavy. For years the Aprilia Shiver 900 was frozen in time but since 2018, it became a modern, furious stallion to ride. You might be in pure envy of this rider writer, but you haven´t read anything yet. Let´s go get some Italian action!

    Aprilia Shiver 900 review

    The same parking lot, the same time of the day but a hot, really hot afternoon with no breeze. Moreover, the sun was nowhere to be seen and huge, thick clouds threatened to put an end to the world as we know it. In the same way, I was ready for the Aprilia Shiver 750, I was nervous, excited and ready for the Aprilia Shiver 900. There is something about red in Italian vehicles that just gives you the chills.


    I started this ride and suddenly the V-Twin between my legs seemed way more powerful than last week. To me, the looks are equally important the sound on a bike and the Aprilia Shiver 900 does it great in both departments. Also, the engine grew from 749cc to 896cc and I could really tell the difference. Slowly I let go of the clutch and rolled it onto the pavement.

    For starters, let me tell you that the Aprilia Shiver 750 and 900 share the same horsepower. The same amount of Italian ponies pushing forward, though, doesn´t mean the same feeling. Riding the 900 through the rush hour was even more intense and full of adrenaline. Moreover, every time you open the throttle you feel like you are honouring the name of the bike; after all it is the “shiver”, right? Also, manoeuvrability was a little better in the 750 models and I felt as if I was riding a slightly heavier bike with the 900. It wasn´t so easy to swerve through cars as it was a week before. That being said, I was riding a bike that was almost 1000cc in a city street so it was something to expect.

    Aprilia Shiver 900 – Rain and Sport Mode

    All of a sudden I started seeing some drops in my helmet and confirmed that pouring rain started to fall. So, it was the ideal moment to test Aprilia´s three-mode selector. I set the bike to “rain” and noticed that it got a little slower. What the riding mode when set to “rain” does is to limit the throttle to avoid accidents. Therefore, my Aprilia Shiver 900 got more grip in the city and put a smile upon my face as I gained confidence.

    However, it was time to test the high speed on this Italian stallion so I took the first exit and left the noisy city. Behind me, the buildings were fading away and the intermittent white line was now my landscape. Hence, I accelerated and decided to switch the mode to “sport” and see what it could do. To my surprise and although it is a naked bike, the “sport” mode makes the throttle a little twitchy. This was neither comfortable nor safe.


    Although I was on board a very powerful ride, it felt like it wasn´t as fun as the Aprilia Shiver 750. Furthermore, the extra 150cc is not so notorious; especially in a highway situation. As I went a little further away from the city and was able to really push the bike in its final speed, things got a little better. Though the mid-range and torque of both models are very similar, at the final speed, the 900 is a little more comfortable and stable.

    When I was over with my test I gave the bike back, got on my four wheels and drove home. I got the feeling that there could be an Aprilia Shiver touring with some Aprilia Shiver accessories. Provided that the bike is so stable and reaches its final speedwell, I think in the near future Aprilia could consider a more long-trip-friendly version of this naked bike. However, it was an amazing two weeks with two amazing rides. All in all, I had a great time with both.

    Aprilia Shiver 900 specs


    • Type – Liquid-cooled, transverse 90-degree V-twin
    • Displacement – 896cc
    • Bore x Stroke – 92×67.4mm
    • Compression Ratio – 11.5:1
    • Valve Train – DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
    • Valve Inspection Interval – 12,400 miles
    • Fuel Delivery – Electronic fuel injection, 2x 52mm throttle bodies
    • Lubrication System – Semi-dry sump
    • Transmission – 6-speed, hydraulically actuated wet clutch
    • Final Drive – O-ring chain


    • Ignition – Digital electronic
    • Charging Output – 450 watts max
    • Battery – 12V 10AH


    • Frame – Modular steel trellis w/aluminium side spars; cast aluminium swingarm
    • Wheelbase – 57.7 inches
    • Rake/Trail – 26 degrees/4.5 in.
    • Seat Height – 31.9 inches
    • Suspension, Front – 41mm USD fork
    • Rear – Single shock
    • Front Brakes – Dual 320mm floating discs with opposed 4-piston radial callipers and ABS
    • Rear – Single 240mm with 1-piston pin-slide calliper and ABS
    • Wheels, Front – Cast, 3.50 x 17 inches
    • Rear – Cast, 6.00 x 17 inches
    • Tires, Front – 120/70-ZR17
    • Rear – 180/55-ZR17
    • Wet Weight – 497lbs.
    • Load Capacity – 467lbs.
    • GVWR – 959lbs.


    • Fuel Capacity – 3.8 gallons
    • MPG – (low/average/high) 36.5/40.0/48.8
    • Estimated Range – 152 miles
    • Indicated RPM at 60 MPH – 4,000

    These accessories blew my mind, you´re welcome in advance

    Smart Turn System

    The Smart Turn System (STS) is a great accessory and it does something very simple yet utterly necessary. If you are like me and drive a car as well as riding a bike, then you know what leaving the turning lights on feels like. The car disengages them on its own, so why doesn´t your bike? This accessory should come as a factory standard on all bikes; it is about time manufacturers echo on that.

    Smart Turn System

    Moreover, for the time being, this easy to install accessory can solve it for you. It features a sensor that disengages your turning lights once you´ve completed the turn. Also, it is very useful to avoid all kinds of accidents in the city and the highway for leaving the turning lights on. However, giving false info to other riders and drivers can cause accidents.

    Smart Brake Module

    The Smart Brake Module (SBM) is another very simple addition to your motorcycle. It activates your braking light when it senses you are losing speed. Moreover, those smooth as butter transitions you do with your throttle not touching the brake won´t engage the rear light. Hence, other riders and drivers won´t know what you are about to do. However, regarding these kinds of situations, installing the SBM on your bike can be a life-saver for you and for others.

    Smart Brake Module

    Vigo Smart Track

    The latest invention of this company is just as important as the previous two. Vigo is a new-generation GPS tracking device, which will protect your bike from being stolen, and at the same time, it offers automatic SOS notification if you have a crash. Also, it comes with a SIM card and allows you to track your two-wheeled beauty 24/7.  Moreover, the Vigo Smart Track will also track and save all of your rides, which you’ll be able to share them with your friends on Social Media or via e-mail. 


    Are you also interested in upgrading the safety of your rides? You can easily full in the form below and find out if the STS and SBM are compatible with your bike. And FYI: Vigo is compatible with all bikes available – even scooters and four-wheeled motorcycles 😉


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      Hence, the Aprilia Shiver 750 is a very spicy fun bike to commute and roam around with. It is light-weight, manoeuvrable and powerful. Moreover, it is a naked bike that works great in the city. On the other hand, Aprilia Shiver 900 is a little heavier and doesn´t work as well in the city. Manoeuvrability is not so smooth and granted that it has a bigger engine; torque and power at low speed are not its forte. On the other hand, on the open road and close to its final speed is way more stable and comfortable. In the final analysis, both bikes have their own personality and application. You could, therefore, ride them both with different purposes at ease.

      What did you think of our take on these Italian stallions? Have you been on one already? Leave us a comment and feel free to share this piece with your fellow rider friends.

      Happy riding!

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