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    Go for the Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders in the Market, Today!

    Motorcycles for tall riders are a necessity for some of us. It doesn´t matter how tall or how small you are, you should be able to ride. We narrowed down the search for you and found the best motorcycles for tall riders in the market. Choosing any (or all) of these options will not be a mistake. Read on and find your new ride in these pages.

    Also, as a courtesy, I will add a couple of ground-breaking accessories you will want to install in every motorcycle you own. This is the ultimate ranking of the best motorcycles for tall riders.

    Tall riders and motorcycles

    Why are we speaking about motorcycles for tall riders? Tall people find it hard to do several things that short people don´t. For example, if you ever travelled on an aeroplane and you are 1.96mts tall as I am, you know how it feels. Especially if you are travelling for business! The same thing happens with buses and most cars, so shouldn´t a motorcycle break that vicious circle of pain and discomfort?

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    Take it from one tall man to another tall person; these next motorcycles are the best in the market for us. I will drop a model for each category, so regardless of the type of bike that you like, you will find it here. A big thank you note for those manufacturers who still remember about the tall population on Earth!

    German motorcycles for tall riders – the BMW R1200GS

    Among all the motorcycles for tall riders, let´s say that tourers and adventure bikes are the most obvious ones. Why is it that they are more obvious than others? The answer is simple because they are built to spend more time sitting on them. Besides that, they are usually the best place to start your search.

    The BMW R1200GS is a great motorcycle for tall riders because of the proportions. It is the ideal bike for those over 1.80mts but is also very manoeuvrable for smaller people. This motorcycle´s weight distribution is impeccable, so driving is a pleasure regardless of your height.

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    The BMW R1200GS is excellent for a variety of purposes. It works wonders on the road and off the road. The customizable modes and power make it an excellent choice for daily work commuting and off-road weekend fun. It is genuinely a do-it-all-bike that is beautiful, tall and reliable with some amazing technologic improvements that make riding more comfortable. For example, the ESA for enhanced stability, performance and safety is a definite game-changer.

    I used to ride one of these, and it is a great experience, you don´t feel trapped at all. It is, to me, the best option in its category. Others you might want to look at are the KTM 1290 Super Adventure and the Ducati Multistrada 1200.

    Japanese speed machine – the Kawasaki ZZR1400

    This is a perfect bike for all the tall speed demons out there who want to break the 200km/h on a two-wheeler. Kawasaki made the riding space for this motorcycle as comfortable as it gets for us. The feeling of being tall and getting inside a bike that is prepared for smaller people is close to feeling trapped. The ZZR1400, in change, does not have so much side protection and allows your legs to be freer.

    ZZR 1400

    This addition to the motorcycles for tall riders knock-out is also because it is not a one-trick pony. With this Kawasaki bike, you can do a commute to work (a fast one), and take it to the racing track. Also, you can drive out for a long weekend and go on a quick, comfortable trip. Your legs, the riding position, the handlebar and the power, it all suits tall motorcycle riders perfectly.

    If you are a speed fan and also a tall motorcycle rider, you will find this bike perfect for your needs.

    Italian motorcycles for tall riders – the Ducati XDiavel

    This brand new Ducati model is the breakthrough of the Italian brand into the cruisers market. When you think if Ducati, you associate it with speed and adrenaline, but this is not the case. The XDiavel is the cruiser of the future. I´m all into classic Harleys and Indians, but a ride on this cutting-edge motorcycle truly inspired me.

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    There are some fantastic technological enhancements like Ducati´s own Traction Control. The motorcycle´s lights are entirely LED with an option for the daytime running headlight. The braking system is a Bosch Brembo and works wonders with the twin-cylinder Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine. Also, the relaxed position of the footpegs being forward in the bike near the front wheel is great. Us tall riders get the best of the stretched position for full comfort, especially on long rides.

    Besides all of these great characteristics and the name of the brand that backs them up, it looks awesome. Yes, it is a great-looking modern bike for those who love to make long-distance journeys. The Ducati XDiavel brings the best of both worlds to tall motorcycle riders.

    For tall riders who like classics – the Indian Chief Classic

    Ladies and gents welcome to my favourite motorcycle for tall riders in this list. I can´t help it; the more I ride modern bikes, the more I return to my old first love which is choppers. Cruising on a big chopper with that classic look on your leather jacket and boots has no comparison. It is an experience right from the moment you see it parked with all the chrome accessories and the leather seat. But what really gets that smile upon your face is to start the engine and hear that low-key roar. Besides that, our tall riders should have a big vehicle to cruise around. Do you imagine the Schwarzenegger scene in T2 on a Vespa scooter?

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    Why the Chief classic among all the chopper cruisers out there? Because it is an iconic, decorated classic that is for connoisseurs. It is a timeless classic that Indian never stopped working on and brought to the present.

    The Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin engine is a beast. The updated aluminium frame makes it a lighter bike than it has ever been. The combination of those two really pushes this icon forward effortlessly. Also, the ABS brakes and modern instruments really make a difference. Braking this big bike when you are at high speed is a definite must. If you are like me, a tall motorcycle rider that loves classic bikes, you can´t go wrong with this model.

    Kawasaki Versys 650 – tall and adventurous

    Moving down from huge bikes to smaller, more city-friendly ones, we have the Versys 650. Don´t get me wrong, the Parallel-Twin engine is a powerful one. This motorcycle can take you into the open road at nice speeds and be a great source of weekend fun. What makes it unique enough to be in this ranking is the triangle formed by the handlebar, footpegs and seat. The space left in between them is great for tall motorcycle riders.

    Versys 650

    Besides the triangle and the power, the bike is trendy, good-looking and highly manoeuvrable. It is an excellent option for every-day riding and eventually taking It out for fun, it is not suitable for off-road. For that, another great suggestion is the Kawasaki KLR 650, a great choice for dirt-loving tall motorcycle riders.

    If you are planning on using the bike every day and you want a comfortable vehicle to move around, this is the best choice. There´s even a 1,000 cm3 version that is even better for long commutes or medium-long journeys.

    Beginner bike for tall riders – the KTM390 DUKE

    People associate the brand KTM with huge touring motorcycles, but they also make smaller bikes. This is a motorcycle for tall riders that stays comfortably in the 300cm3 line with lots of space. The comfortable way your legs sit on each side and the riding posture make this bike a perfect match for hours of driving.

    All bikes, not just motorcycles for tall riders that have these medium engines are half commuters, half travellers. With an engine like this liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 373cm3 and a six-speed gearbox you can easily go far. This machine produces 44HP, and with the slipper clutch, riding is a pleasure.

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    All of these features, plus the backing of a great brand like KTM comes at an affordable price. The price in the market you will most likely find this motorcycle for tall riders is of $5,499. It is just a little more than the 125cc Yamaha (check below), and you get twice as much power. If money is not a problem for you, the BMW G310GS is another great choice.

    Beginner sports bike – the Yamaha YZF-R125

    Going further down in motorcycle size, we have the best bike for beginner tall-motorcycle riders in the market. We know it by its nickname the mini R1 because it looks like one, but the engine is only 125cc3. It is a great bike for everyday use around town in low consumption and high manoeuvrability. It is also the most spacious of all the bikes in its category.

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    The space that this bike earned in this list is not only due to its spaciousness and lightweight. The four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine is a great Minerelli-derived on that really pushes you forward. To so-called junior Yamaha is the same size as the R6, which is big enough for people like us. Driving this bike on the street is a really smooth experience, with a top-notch suspension. In fact, the linked mono-shock with a spring preload adjustment and the 41mm inverted forks are not standard in a bike this price.

    Speaking of price, you might not find this Yamaha to be the cheapest among the small bikes for tall riders. It is close to the $5,000, but it does give tall motorcycle riders a lot for that money. Another option that is worth checking out in this price range is the Aprilia RS125.

    If you like this kind of looks in your bike, you will appreciate the power and the comfort in this one.

    Honda Aviator – a perfect commuter for tall riders

    Finally, it is time to talk about the scooters; the most city-friendly of all motorbikes. The Honda Aviator is Honda´s take on a male-oriented scooter that has enough room to fit a grown-up. I have stated before that I am almost two meters tall. I could fit all my humanity inside one of these and still don´t look as awkward as many people do.

    Motorcycles for tall riders

    The Honda Aviator won its place in the list of the best motorcycles for tall riders because of its power. The 110cc engine is capable of delivering 8HP, and it delivers a nice amount of power while also keeping consumption low. According to Honda, this lovely scooter can make up to 60km per litre of gas. I found myself very comfortable in terms of looks too as I was cruising the streets of my city. The lines are very good for a bike this small, and you feel almost elegant making it around the city.

    If you are a tall man and love scooters, this might be the best option in the market.

    Motorcycles for tall riders – Accessories

    These accessories I am about to name are not only for the motorcycles for tall riders but for every bike. In fact, since I tried them, I installed those in every bike I own (which are plenty).

    SBM – Smart Brake Module

    The first thing I thought when I installed this in my first bike was: how come I didn´t come up with this! The little and easy-to-install gadget engages the stoplight in your bike as soon as you decrease your speed. This is great for those moments in which you want to slow down without touching your brakes and still inform fellow vehicles. It can save lives!

    Smart Brake Module

    STS – Smart Turn System

    The small device is a development by the same company. What it does is also very simple and also very important. It disengages the turning lights on your bike as soon as it senses you have completed your turn. It is a standard feature in cars, and it should also be one in motorcycles!

    Smart Turn System

    You should consider checking these two devices. And to make things more simple, check if the Smart Turn System fits your motorcycle and you will receive a compatibility confirmation with a surprise offer to your email. Submit your motorcycle details in the form below, you will not regret it.


      Enter your e-mail details below and STS team will send you compatibility confirmation for YOUR motorcycle.


      Our devices are compatible with your motorcycle. Here is your limited time offer.

      Bonus tip – the Vigo Smart Track

      This is another interesting gadget which will completely change your riding experience. This little gadget is the perfect ridding buddy wherever you go. Namely, it will give a voice to your bike. Vigo is a motorcycle add-on, which will sense when your bike is moved, then you’re not around. It will immediately notify you about it and theft can be prevented.

      Motorcycles for tall riders

      Besides that, it features an SOS notification in case of an accident. If you happen to have a crash, you’ll immediately get help. If you find this gadget interesting, follow this link and find out more 😉  >>> Vigo Smart Track – the best way to track your motorcycle.

      What do you think about our list, is there a bike we are missing in it? Let us know and share this with fellow tall riders who need motorcycles for tall riders.

      Happy riding!

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