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    Cruiser Motorcycles - The Ultimate guide to the best Cruiser Motorcycle

    Cruiser motorcycles are more than bikes, they are close to a religion. Those of us who have experienced the strong wind on the open road get hooked up with it and there´s no turning back. Back in the day, it was a great experience riding on those big and noisy metal horses. Nowadays, it is a little more technologic, fancy and also more comfortable. There has never been a better time to join us on the road than now. Read on and find out which are the best choices for that dream cruiser motorcycle you have been thinking about.

    Best Cruiser Motorcycles

    We put together a list of the best cruiser motorcycles for beginners but also experienced riders. You will find a bike on this list for every moment of your journey to this fantastic world. One word of advice is not to go too big when you are not ready for it yet. The climb to the top is a slow one, but going at a steady pace is the best way to go.

    Yamaha V-Star 250 Cruiser

    The first option for beginners in this list of the best cruiser motorcycles is this 250cc beauty. Perfect to start with, and it is an exceptionally manoeuvrable light-weight motorcycle. It is also one of the cheapest options in the market in terms of mileage per gallon. This bike can do up to 78 miles on every gallon of gas you put on it. Summing that up, you get up to 200 miles before you have to stop to refill the gas tank.

    Best cruiser motorcycles Yamaha V-Star 250

    If you are a beginner and are not familiar with the riding position of a big cruiser, the low-seat is very comfortable. The rider sits with a straight back, and that enhances comfort, especially during the first long rides. Although it is not a big bike, the V-Twin 249cc engine is more than enough power to get moving. It is ideal for city commuting and also great for eventual weekend trips.

    In the aesthetics department, the Yamaha V-star 250 Cruiser is for those who love chrome. You get the dual exact and the chrome parts all over with an old-school round lamp on the front. It is a stylish ride with a fitting engine that has enough power to be fun and not so much to get out of hand. Beginners who love old school looks on a bike can definitely start here.

    Honda Cruiser Motorcycle – the Rebel 500

    Going slightly up on the engine size, we have one of the most iconic Hondas ever made. Since its introduction over thirty years ago, it has been a flagship motorcycle for the brand. The name sums up much of what we riders look for when we leave home to go on the road.

    Best cruiser motorcycles Honda Rebel 500

    In its newest incarnation, the Honda Rebel 500 is a smaller but also lighter bike it has ever been. It weighs only 408lb, and the 471cc parallel-twin can push it forward on the road. This little but very capable machine can get up to 46HP. It is the right amount of torque for a bike this light. It doesn´t cut anything on manoeuvrability, because of the suspension and the well-distributed weight work wonders. Being small enough, it fits the most narrow roads in big cities and has safe fun with traffic lights.

    If you are an intermediate driver and want a little adrenaline and fun, this bike is the right choice. Besides, 30+ years of continuous improvement made it the bike it is today.

    Vulcan 900 Custom – the Best Cruiser Motorcycle from Kawasaki

    The Vulcan series has been around for a long time too. Kawasaki has been trying to make its way into the cruiser market with it with multiple sizes. With the Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom, I think that they finally nailed it. This is one of the best cruiser motorcycles today and also a unique ride.

    Best cruiser motorcycles Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

    You can customise Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom right from the showroom floor. It has an intimidating 21-inch wheel right at the front, and the black matte finishing is menacing and nice. Kawasaki did a great job with the body making it a stable motorcycle with a relaxed posture. It is a very comfortable bike that also looks like no other in this list of the best cruiser motorcycle.

    In the engine department, the 903cc V-Twin engine is capable of producing 50HP. That is more than enough to handle the 611 pounds that this machine weights. With the Vulcan, Kawasaki provides a big engine option that is not intimidating to ride and very comfortable.

    Ducati XDiavel

    The Ducati XDiavel is their take on what a cruiser should be. It does look like a modern bike, but the riding position is 100% cruiser-approved. According to Ducati, it is excellent for slow-driving and cruising and breaks away with the brand´s tradition. They say it is a slow bike, but that is if you compared it to other Ducati models. When all you manufacture are huge sports bikes, anything under 250kmh sounds slow.

    Ducati XDiavel

    If you are thinking about getting an XDiavel, there are some things you need to know first. For example, that despite the small ornaments, it is a heavy bike at 545 pounds. Also, that the engine, an odd 1262cc L-Twin is capable of fantastic 152HP. This means that this bike will push you forward like a bullet. There will not be much slow-driving on a machine with these mechanic characteristics. Finally, it is not a classic-looking bike, but all the opposite. It is straightforward in lines and doesn´t have much ornament. It does look menacing and capable of some sporty speeds.

    If you are looking for a new bike that will give a spin to your cruiser idea, this is the one. Besides, it is backed up by the Ducati brand, and you can´t go wrong with them.

    Honda Fury

    Standing on the other side of the road in terms of looks, we have the Honda Fury. This bold-looking bike is the perfect mix of retro and future. This massive chopper won a place at the best cruiser motorcycles list because it is one of a kind. Honda is not the most daring company out there and is not known for its wild designs. This bike is a complete exception in many senses.

    Best cruiser motorcycles

    For starters, the wheelbase of this beautiful machine stretches up to six feet. This is something that Honda had never done before. Second, the handlebars are like out of a Tarantino movie, positioned well above the rider´s chest. Third, the small gap between the engine and the gas tank is nothing short from unique for a mass-produced bike. Finally, it is one of the heaviest bikes in the list weighing 663 pounds.

    In the engine department, the Honda Fury features a furious 1312cc V-Twin capable of 67HP. That can push anything forward, being over 600 pounds or not. This is another score from Honda, to put an engine on this bike up to the menacing look.

    If you want a ride that will set you apart from the rest, this is the best option in the list of the best cruiser motorcycles.

    Best Cruiser Motorcycles from Harley Davidson – the Softail Deluxe

    No list for best motorcycle cruisers would be nearly complete if we didn´t include at least one Harley Davidson in it, right? But why did we add the Softail Deluxe? Well, if you close your eyes and think of a stylish, beautiful chopper, this is the image that might come to your mind. It has defined the way we think of cruiser bikes for many years, and will for many more to come. Harley Davidson has been making top-notch motorcycles for 115 years.

    Harley Davidson Softail deluxe

    The Softail Deluxe is a heavily ornamented, big bike that comes with some classy retro 50s additions. For starters, the white bands on the wheels and the big three-round lamps ahead. Also, the chrome lining that goes all over the paint and throughout the motorcycle is breath-taking. In fact, the chromed engine showing on the side with almost no blackened parts is the definition of beauty.

    The engine on this Harley is another asset to bring this name to the best cruiser motorcycle list. Although it is a heavy bike with 697 pounds, it is also a mighty one. It is fitted with a low-key roaring 1753cc V-Twin that´s a joy to ride and hear. The 77HP that it is capable of producing will keep you rolling gently on any and every road you can think of.

    For those looking for a beautiful bike that will take them rolling like butter on bread, this is the perfect Harley.

    Triumph Rocket III Roadster

    Going still a little further up in the engine department, this beast by Triumph is a great bike. It has earned a place in the list for the best cruiser motorcycles due to design, power, and reliability. It is a huge bike, not intended for the beginner or intermediate rider. To handle this motorcycle, you have to graduate from the under-2000cc class. It is not hard to drive bike, but with all that power at a turn of the wrist, it can be hard to control.

    Best cruiser motorcycles Triumph Rocket III

    The way Triumph designed such a big motor with a three-cylinder in-line adds to the odd vibe of the bike. It is a mighty engine that has 2294cc and is capable of an astonishing 148HP. That should be enough power to move the 797 pounds this bike weights forward like a bullet. All the numbers in this bike exceed those of any other in the list of the best cruiser motorcycles.

    The brake section and the suspension are both very well-designed and built. You can feel on the highway how the massive engine drives the bike forward, and it can be scary. Such weight and such power are a great combination with the right amount of control. The smooth suspension makes turning and handling a pleasure while the brakes do the rest.

    If you are up to the challenge and want to tackle a huge bike, this is your best option. The Triumph is definitely the biggest bike on our list of the best cruiser motorcycles.

    Accessories for best cruiser motorcycles

    These accessories are not only for the best cruiser motorcycles but for all the bikes you might have at home. I even got them installed on my daughter´s scooter! Let me share them with you, and they might make your life better too.

    Vigo Smart Track

    The Vigo Smart Track is the essential add-on for your motorcycle. This pocket-size tracker will give voice to your two-wheeled beauty and you’ll always feel safe on the road. Namely, it features theft and automatic SOS notification. Whenever you’ll park your beauty, you won’t have to worry about her. If someone were to steal her, you would be immediately notified through the app. By acting fast, theft can be prevented, but if it does occur, the Vigo Smart Track provides real-time data.

    Smart Brake Module

    In addition to that, with Vigo, you’ll always feel safe on your road trips. Imagine you’re riding solo on a country road in the middle of nowhere. Only nature and a great view are around you. Suddenly you have a crash. What now? Vigo Smart Track will automatically detect the crash and immediately notify your emergency contact in the app. It will provide accurate location information the crash and help will arrive in no time. And your life will be saved.

    Last but not least, the Vigo Smart Track also features an accurate ride scoring system and it will also save all of your rides. It’s the ultimate riding buddy, that gots your back on every curve 😉

    Smart Brake Module (SBM)

    The Smart Brake Module is a little gadget that works marvellously. Its installation and the idea is so simple, that makes you think how nobody thought of it before. It engages the stoplight whenever it senses you are slowing down without touching the brakes. I often do that on the freeway, to use the gearbox and loosen the throttle to diminish the speed. It makes transitions smoother than hitting the bike brakes. Until I had it installed, slowing this way was dangerous. Now, I can let all fellow vehicles what I´m planning to do.

    Smart Brake Module

    Smart Turn System (STS)

    The Smart Turn System is another great invention from the same company. What it does is standard for cars and, strangely, not in bikes. It disengages the turning lights once it senses that you have completed your turn. Again, it is a safety measure. Many of us leave our turning lights on and give false messages to other vehicles. This can cause accidents, especially in the open road.

    Smart Turn System

    I would recommend these add-ons to any rider, so make sure to check for compatibility and receive a special offer from the STS team by submitting your motorcycle details in the form below.


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      The list of the best cruiser motorcycles we put together covers everything from 250cc to 2300cc. Once you are ready to take on this journey, it will take you decades to climb to that size of bike. Don´t rush it, enjoy every step and every highway, they will take you very far.

      Did you like our list of the best cruiser motorcycles? Did we miss your favourite? Tell us which you would add! Also, feel free to share this post with fellow riders.

      Happy riding!

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          More of a question really. I have a 2012 BMW R1200RT. They have a self cancelling feature that works off a timer. Does the SMART TURN SYSTEM override the timer? The timer is less than ideal when you have a long turn lane, after 10 seconds (I think) the signal is cancelled. If you are sitting at a light, the timer is paused. I would prefer the technology of your system if it deactivated the stock system.
          BMW uses a CANBUS, and has no fuse to pull. I don’t know if the computer can be set to turn off the timer.

          1. blank

            Hi Tim,

            the STS uses motion-sensing technology and a proprietary algorithm to recognise the end of a turn, and it doesn’t rely on a timer. Unfortunately, it can not override the timer on the BMW since this function is ECU operated. BMW already saw the potential of our technology and maybe this feature will be available as an ECU update in the near future. I hope we’ll have some good news for you soon 😉

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          Great list. Love the cruiser style bikes, so much fun to ride. A little surprised that the Yamaha Bolt didn’t make the list. A fantastic cruiser, classic styling with modern reliability, easy to ride, but with plenty of power. Reminiscent of the HD sportster at a fraction of the cost.

        3. blank

          You all missed the best cruiser. The Honda ST1300 will give the best all round performance. Reliable. Cost effective in running costs and fuel and with a Corben seat you can ride all day. Why did Honda not replace it.

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          The Moto Guzzi MGX-21 has a signal canceling feature as well based on time and distance. Will this override the MGX-21 factory signal cancel?

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