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    Yamaha FJR had not only one, but two versions released in 2016 – Yamaha FJR 1300 A and FJR 1300AE/AS – that brought in new impressive elements. These included a sixth gear, six-speed transmission, LED lights and an assist clutch. The engines of these bikes are 1,298cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC inline 4-cylinder engines. This model has the frame of a sports bike which makes it more fun to ride.

    The introduction of an add-on device, the Smart Turn System has increased the safety quotient of the bike. A further boost to safety aspect make the Vigo Smart Track and the Smart Brake Module, which are also a simple add-on devices with brilliant features. The Smart Brake Module adds to the visibility of the motorcycle and communicates the deceleration when you are not applying brakes, such as engine braking and downshifting. And the Vigo Smart Track is the most dependable anti-theft protection and in cases of a crash, it will automatically call for help. All these mean that Yamaha FJR 1300 now comes in an even better, updated form. It promises to take your biking experience to a whole new level with just two simple add-on devices.

    Yamaha Fjr

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      History of the Yamaha FJR

      It was in 2001 that the first incarnation of Yamaha FJR 1300 sport-tourer hit the market in Europe. Already in 2003, it appeared in the North American market in a non-ABS form, and straightaway started garnering awards.

      Yamaha Fjr

      The 2004 model saw the introduction of a variant with ABS, which you can recognise by the silver callipers. Not only were the new models of that year featured with improved suspension, but also with 320 mm front brake discs.

      Gen II Version

      In 2006, the European and North American models were synchronised, and a more feature-filled version was released. The updates included changes in the trailing arm, changed final drive ratio, changes in instrumentation, curved radiator and improved alternator. Measures were also taken to deal with airflow due to heat-related issues with past versions.

      Gen III Version

      After minor variations through the period 2006-12, Yamaha added many useful updates to the model when it came out with the ‘Gen III’ version in 2013. Yamaha redesigned the bodywork in the front to achieve better airflow. Furthermore, the new design allows for more efficient heat management. LED accent light around the headlights was introduced as well. Outside North America, there was also the introduction of AS (auto-shift) model which had electrically adjustable suspensions. However, this feature came to the North American market in the next year with the ES model of the bike.

      Yamaha Fjr

      The dash is revamped and now contains three informational pages that could be customised to suit the rider. The options show on these pages including odometer, coolant temperature, average MPG, current MPG, air temperature and timer. Furthermore, two other timers and two other distance meters allow tracking the maintenance intervals. However, you cannot access these information pages directly from the map on the dash.

      YCCT System

      The design of the engine also received an overhaul for this version with plated-on cylinder linings which cause better heat dissipation than the pressed-in cylinder linings. Yamaha introduced a new ECU, which endowed with Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCCT) system. It also has an integrated Traction Control System which can be enabled or disabled.

      Yamaha Fjr

      What made this model even more attractive was the introduction of D-Mode which contains two modes for driving: Sports mode and Tour mode. These two modes can be chosen depending on what level of smoothness and throttle response you are looking. A cruise control mode is also present which adds to greater rider-comfort.

      Yamaha introduced a new range of controls. These include a new rocker whose function is to control it by a trigger switch located close to the left forefinger. It also has a hazard flasher button in this model on the location previously accorded to the starter button.

      The Yamaha FJR1300 model came in two varieties in 2014, the Yamaha FJR 1300 A and Yamaha FJR1300ES. The former is pretty much the same as the 2013 version. Just the tinkering of the cruise control setting where the max speed rose from 83mph to 100mph.

      Yamaha Fjr

      Yamaha FJR 1300 ES also had this modification but was different due to having inverted forks and electronically adjustable suspension which could be adjusted by the system incorporated in the gauge cluster. The rear shock has electronically adjustable preload which comes with four settings.

      Yamaha FJR updates

      The next stage in the evolution of the Yamaha FJR models came in 2016. Both the Yamaha FJR 1300 A and Yamaha FJR 1300 ES have a few modern tweaks that make them even better suited to the needs of the riders. In addition to some other improvements, the most prominent changes were in the transmission which gave the bike a smoother ride. A sixth gear was also added along with a slipper clutch to provide rest to hands.

      Yamaha Fjr

      Most relevant features of the Yamaha FJR 2016 version

      • The new six-speed transmission along with the revised ratios provides gearing that is evenly-spaced and therefore suits to sports biking aficionados.
      • The tall sixth-gear allows comfortable riding on highways
      • The transmission gears underwent modifications which results in smoother journeys without too much noise
      • New LED light system is in place which adds more style. The LED taillight design is also new
      • Bodywork is inspired by supersport
      • Integrated air-flow management which helps in making the rider comfortable even in varying weather conditions
      • 6.6-gallon fuel tank
      • Adjustable ergonomic style for greater comfort
      • Adjustable windscreen which operates by push-button
      • Comfortable seating for both the rider and passenger

      Latest Yamaha FJR version 

      The latest versions of the Yamaha FJR  models are similar to the 2016 type with a few modifications.

      It has a dual-exhaust system which is highly efficient. It works through four-into-one-into-two exhausts made from stainless steel. There is also a catalyst to reduce emissions.

      Yamaha Fjr

      A shaft drive to the rear wheel is highly durable and quiet. It is ideal for travelling long distances with high mileage and requires little maintenance

      How does the bike fare 

      Yamaha FJR 1300 is the biggest sports-tourer in their stable. It provides a thrilling sports-bike feel while it offers the comfort and features of a touring bike. So, how much does this bike succeed in its endeavour? Let’s check it out by analyzing the Yamaha fjr1300 specs.


      In terms of the look, the bike does a very good job of coming across as a sports bike. Its façade is stylish and has those aerodynamic styles associated with racing bikes. The sports bike frame made from aluminium, which the Yamaha FJR 1300 endowed with, is definitely thriving in achieving its intended effect. On this count, there can be no criticism of this model.


      The durable body of Yamaha FJR 1300 contains strong and large parts crafted from aluminium. It has a diamond-style frame with aluminium twin-spar. This provides rigidity and balance to the bike and the rider. The sub-frame in the rear is fully detachable. These features ensure that, in case of damage, the losses are kept to as little as possible.

      Yamaha Fjr

      Another exciting aspect of the design in this model is the swingarm, which consists of lightweight cast aluminium. It incorporates the shaft drive in its left side which reduces the unsprung weight. It also optimises suspension and handling. The rake is at 26-degrees and trail 4.9 inches long. This makes the bike more stable and therefore more comfortable for long journeys.

      There are no issues with the body either. Its ergonomic design ensures that long journeys don’t cause fatigue. The handlebars are closer to the rider compared to a usual sports bike. But this has the advantage of giving an upright position to the rider. It results in less stress on body parts.

      With a weight of over 640 pounds, the bike can feel heavy on turns. But that is small trouble for the solid feel it gives most of the time on the road.


      A lot of attention has been given to revamping the lighting aspects of the bike. The style quotient of the motorcycle is boosted by the exclusive use of LED lights.

      Yamaha Fjr

      An attractive feature is the Smart Turn System which automatically cancels your indicators after every turn. It fits perfectly to the beautifully designed LED turn-signal system, and it completes the functionality of your turn-signal switch.


      The 1,298cc engine with liquid-cooled DOHC inline 4-cylinder and 16 valves allows amazing acceleration which again makes the rider feel he is riding a sports bike. This is due to the approximately 141 horsepower, and the 99 pound-feet torque also adds muscle to the bike.

      The engine also has a water “jacket” that lessens the engine noise. It also reduces inconvenient heat wash over rider and passenger. The exhaust valves have 30mm for intake and 26mm for the exhaust. The latter have carburized tips that provide durability. Valve adjustment interval is every 42,000 km apart which is quite convenient.

      Yamaha Fjr

      These features make the bike quite easy to handle and convenient to carry around. The dissipation of heat is a huge benefit. It allows the rider and the passenger not to bear the temperature of the engine. The rider can feel the power of the bike. It is indeed akin to riding a sports bike, and that is most certainly the experience the driver has on this bike.

      The slipper clutch is a huge advantage as it takes the load away from the hands. The Yamaha FJR comes with the helically cut gears. This avoids the lash-clunking which hampers gear change. You will use the sixth gear rarely. But when you use it, it seems smooth and efficient.


      You should consider upgrading the unified braking system with the Smart Brake Module, which will complete the brake light function. The first allows synchronization between the front and the rear brakes, while the second one completes the brake light function when you don’t apply the brakes. The braking system consists of 320mm dual discs and ABS also.

      Yamaha FJR additional Features

      What makes the Yamaha FJR 1300 range unique, are some of the extra features. Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) is the primary among these. The job of this ride-by-wire system is to manage induction and fuel-injected throttle bodies.

      YCC-T works alongside the D-Mode to produce two different forms of functioning. One of them allows your bike to move smoothly in cruise mode while the other provides sports-biking experience. The sports-bike mode may not be as thrilling as a true sports bike but would give sufficient thrills. Cruise mode, on the other hand, is perfectly smooth and comfortable.

      Yamaha Fjr

      To prevent wheel slippages, Traction Control System comes into play. Not only it closes the secondary throttle plate of the YCC-T system, but it also immediately reduces fuel delivery from the injectors. This retards timing and restores the contact-patch integrity. This safety feature adds to the comfort of the riders.

      Furthermore, the most endearing feature is the Cruise Control Mode. You can set the speed at anything from 50km/h to 160km/h. However, the transmission needs to be in third or higher gear. To end the cruise control, you have a variety of options. Either you employ the brakes, pulling the clutch or use the activation button.

      The overall Yamaha 1300 review

      In its sphere, Yamaha FJR 1300’s both versions are excellent value for money. If sporty features interest you above anything else, it will not satisfy you. But for those, who embark on long journeys, these bikes are brilliant.

      The incorporation of Smart Turn System and the traction control system reduces stress. You can happily drive for long distances without worrying about dangers. The introduction of the sixth gear has given the bike a broader spectrum of speed.

      Yamaha Fjr

      What is also appreciable is the ergonomics of the bike. The backward positioning of handlebars coupled with slipper clutch enables the driver to remain comfortable and not get stiff during prolonged driving.

      There are very few negatives with this bike. The heavyweight of the machine may cause some problems when you ride on twisties. But when it comes to travelling long distances on straight highways, the weight would provide stability.

      The essential motorcycle gadget – Vigo Smart Track

      I couldn’t help myself and went on an adventure with the Yamaha 1300. I was riding on this amazing forest road full of curves. After a while, I returned to the city and made a stop in a coffee shop. I parked my bike and while ordering, my phone started ringing loudly – and I thought “What the heck?!”

      I picked it up and saw the theft notification. I immediately ran out to check on the bike – luckily I could stop the thief.  I was amazed, that such a tiny gadget could do so much!

      Kawasaki Vulcan 

      Besides the theft notification, Vigo also features an SOS notification in case of a crash, and it also records and scores your every ride. More information on Vigo can be found HERE 🙂


      1 Month Subscription - Vigo Smart Track


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