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    Triumph Street Triple - From Track To Road 

    Straight from the racing track to your garage and the streets, the Triumph Street Triple is a do-it-all bike. The new version, the 2019 model, is nothing short from a menacing machine. The looks and the finish come close to what you would think is a thrilling scene in a big-budget film. Since the Triumph Street Triple is capable of some serious adrenaline, the action is not far behind either. The more you ride it, the more fun it becomes. Let´s take a detailed look at these new incarnations of the classic, its history and give a verdict. You will also learn about some new accessories that can change your riding life. So, read on and learn to love this bike as we all do.

    Triumph Street Triple – Where does it come from?

    Let´s start from the beginning: the year is 2007 and Triumph is preparing the Triumph Street Triple for the market. The bike is a mash-up between the Speed Triple 1050 and the Daytona 675. What comes out when you mix the DNA of a naked bike with the DNA of a sports bike? This one-of-a-kind creation includes the three-in-line engine of the sports bike, and weights as much a street bike. However, many people started calling it a Street Fighter bike and its dual, round, split headlights became a signature.

    Triumph Speed Triple

    However, the Street Triple got a great reception by the public and the media and was a strong-selling product for Triumph. It saw many different changes during its production years and finally, in 2017, the brand changed the engine. Moreover, the bike went from a 675cc to a 765cc weighing even less than it did before. It came in three different incarnations known as S, R, and RS. They have different specifications as well as different HP and power handling.

    In addition to that, the 765cc engine of the Triumph Street Triple made it to the Moto2 category of the MotoGP by the year 2019. It broke the previous record with the same engine you can have parked in your garage and use for commuting.

    This is the story of a legend in the making. Read on and get to know how it feels to be on this beautiful bike racing and cruising.

    Triumph Street Triple S

    The Triumph Street Triple S is the stock or base model for the series. The bodywork and the power are modified to accommodate street riders better. It is a naked, roadster bike that you can ride on the streets as well as the open road effortlessly. Moreover, it has all the innovations that the other models in the line do like ABS, traction control, riding modes and much more. The engine is the upgraded 765cc with 113 horsepower pushing forward at all times.

    To point out, the first thing to note about the S model of the Triumph Street Triple is that it is naked down to the very basics. It is almost as if Triumph would have wanted to use the smallest amount of body parts possible. It is the lightest incarnation of the model yet, and with a tweak in chassis, it can make all the necessary city streets manoeuvers effortlessly. You are going to make people turn around with the looks and the roar, but not with difficulty in the riding.

    Triumph Speed Triple

    Triumph Street Triple S – not a beginner’s ride

    It’s essential to note that it is not a beginner’s ride. Some serious power and torque are coming out of the three-in-line engine, and it can scare you away if you do not have any experience with powerful bikes. Moreover, the engine comes straight from the Daytona Sports bike, and that is a fact you have to respect. Secondly, the sound of the exhaust is simply magical. They have a mix of low roar and new high-pitch voice that merely is appealing. The trips from home to work and the weekend getaways can be a reality on board of this light-weight, powerful machine.

    The Triumph Street Triple S is an excellent motorcycle for those who have experience and want a bike to do it all. If you are a beginner in the search for a mid-weigh, mid-size bike to polish your skills, the Triumph Street Triple S might be too much for it. The technology that the Triumph Street Triple features are great for making rides a little less dangerous. For example, the “Rain” mode can allow the system to intervene when it detects slippage. Moreover, it is not an entry-level bike regardless of all the additions to make it easier to ride.

    Triumph Street Triple R

    The Triumph Street Triple R is the intermediate version of the Triumph Street Triple. With 121 horsepower, it is way more of an adventure to ride it than the S version. to point out, it is still a three-in-line engine which makes it very responsive to even the slightest touch of the throttle. On the contrary to what I thought beforehand, it is very torquey and friendly. You never feel like you’re losing control of it.

    The Triumph Street Triple R doesn’t have a quick shifter, but it really could use one. You get the feeling that you are driving a race-track version of the S model. The same on-the-fly adjustments are available at the handlebar for you to choose between Sport, Street, and Rain. Moreover, this is accompanied by a fully colourful TFT display showing all the basics, including the active mode. You´ll realise right away that the Sport and Street mode makes a big difference in the throttle and the ABS. Again, the Rain mode has way more electronic influence and is less fun for most riders who have experience.

    Triumph Speed Triple

    In addition to that, the brand also included a fourth mode that you can tame to your liking, which is an excellent addition for those who want to have a tailored experience. However, I found it a little troublesome that you can only select the fourth mode when the bike is at a complete stop. In the same way, you can’t take it out from it once selected unless you pull over. Once the bike is off and back to on, it will go to the Street mode automatically.

    Triumph Street Triple is a ton of fun

    In the braking section, the Brembo M4.32 monoblock makes a great couple for the bike’s power. To point out, the front brake callipers with radial master cylinder are excellent to feel safe at all times. It has a soft touch that can get gradually more powerful and make transitions very smooth and easy.

    Finally, the Showa suspension only adds more to the comfort of the bike remaining firm when it had to, and soft when needed. The natural riding position is fantastic and will allow you hours of riding, and you will not feel tired at all.

    The driving experience of the intermediate model of the Triumph Street Triple is entirely positive. For the experienced rider looking for a mid-weight bike that can do it all and be a ton of fun, this one is just perfect.

    Triumph Street Triple R Specs

    These are Triumph Street Triple R specs.


    • Displacement: 765cc
    • Type: Inline-3
    • Maximum power: 116 horsepower @ 12,000 rpm
    • Bore x stroke: 78.0 x 53.4mm
    • Valvetrain: DOHC, 4vpc
    • Maximum torque: 57 ft/lbs @ 9400 rpm
    • Compression ratio: 12.65:1
    • Transmission: 6-speed
    • Fueling: EFI
    • Clutch: Slipper


    • Frame: Twin-spar aluminium
    • Rear suspension: travel: Linkage-assisted fully adjustable Showa piggyback shock; 5.3 inches
    • Front suspension; travel: Fully adjustable Showa SF-BDF 41mm inverted fork; 4.5 inches
    • Front tire: 120/70 x 17
    • Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa
    • Rear brake: 220mm disc w/ Brembo single piston sliding calliper
    • Front brakes: 310mm floating discs w/ Brembo 4.32 4-piston monoblock callipers
    • Rear tire: 180/55 x 17
    • ABS: Standard (defeatable)


    • Rake: 23.9 degrees
    • Wheelbase: 55.1 inches
    • Fuel tank capacity: 4.6 gallons
    • Seat height: 32.5 inches
    • Trail: 3.9 inches
    • Curb weight: 410 pounds (approx.)

    Triumph Street Triple RS

    Last but not least, we made it to the top of the crop, the most sophisticated model of the Triumph Street Triple. However, we are not going to go through the entire specs of the bike that are the same as on other models of the series.

    Firstly, the 2020 version of the Triumph Street Triple meets the needed EURO 5+ qualification. While the horsepower is the same as in the R version, the company improved the midrange by 10 per cent, which makes a difference when pulling out of a curve or trying to get to maximum speeds in short times. Moreover, the torque on the RS is something that will blow you away.

    To point out, many riders complain that the last incarnation of the bike was the backlash when making gear reduction. This flaw is something that Triumph took into account and corrected. This improved version has a very smooth gear transition, particularly for those of us who like to have softer transitions without touching the brakes. In addition to that, they took some inertia out of the drive train, making the overall feeling of riding this bike more enjoyable than it has ever been.

    Triumph Speed Triple

    Triumph Street Triple Modes

    For those of us who like to go for mountain tracks, it is an excellent thing that it feels like the bike knows when it is leaned over and holds back the power. Moreover, this makes you feel safer at all times; you can push it coming out of a curve, and it will be stable and fun.

    Moreover, the bike comes with several modes as all the incarnations of the Triumph Street Triple. The one I loved the most was the Track mode to unleash all the power. You can feel the three-in-line engine pushing you forward, and that extra 10 per cent is an excellent aid at the right moment. When riders with experience take on the open road, they check these little nuances and this is a bike for us. Above all, this version has improvements to give you a fun and powerful ride.

    There are some esthetic additions to it too, like the Triumph Street Triple exhaust carbon fibre caps. Also, the lines in the bodywork and the seat look and feel perfect for the bike. The menacing look it always had remained untouched.

    So, if you are an experienced rider looking for the bike that is going to take you fast into the adrenaline zone, this is it. The price tag for the Triumph Street Triple RS has not changed since its last incarnation and for $12500 in the US is a great bike.

    Triumph Street Triple accessories

    The brand has numerous Triumph Street Triple accessories that you can buy. We are going to focus on some aftermarket ones we found that can be a real game-changer for you.

    Vigo Smart Track

    Vigo Smart Track is a motorcycle add-on, that will give voice to your motorcycle. The device comes together with the app, which is connected with a SIM through the server. The Vigo Smart Track would immediately notify you if your bike would be moved unauthorized – in that way theft could be prevented.  Another great function it has is the fully automated SOS notification in case you have a crash.

    Vigo Smart Track

    Vigo Smart Track will also keep a history log of all of your fantastic adventures with your bike. It will tell you, how you can improve your riding for more safety and joy on your turns and straights. In addition to that, the Vigo Smart Track is compatible with all motorcycle brands, as well as scooters. 

    Smart Turn System

    Are you tired of forgetting your turning lights on engaged after you´ve done your turn? Well, this little, easy to install gadget can solve that for you. It is inexpensive, and you don´t have to make any significant changes to your bike to install it to your bike. It will automatically disengage your turning lights once it senses you finished the manoeuver preventing accidents. Install it on your Triumph Street Triple or any other motorcycle you own.

    Smart Turn System

    Smart Brake Module

    The Smart Brake module is a great accessory, especially for bikes like the new Triumph Street Triple that has an improved gear-down system. As the Triumph Street Triple, many other mid-size or large bikes have smoother transitions when you lower the gear instead of touching the brakes, which can be dangerous because the brake light doesn´t engage. So, avoid all of that installing this simple and small gizmo to your bikes; it will engage your braking light when it senses you are losing speed.

    Smart Brake Module

    If you would like to know more about these two motorcycle gadgets, you can quickly fill in the form below and find out if it’s compatible with your motorcycle.


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      To conclude, the entire line of the Triumph Street Triple is a pleasure to ride. Each bike has its personality; Triumph did a great job at differentiating them. They are not bikes for the faint of heart or beginner riders (regardless of the mode). They are sturdy and utterly fun machines for experienced or veteran riders who can make the most out of the specs. So, if you are in the search for a mid-priced, mid-sized fun bike, look no further than this.

      Did you like our Triumph Street Triple review? We would love to hear from you in the comments; also feel free to share this Triumph Street Triple review with fellow riders.

      Happy riding!

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