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Triumph Bonneville comes equipped with several features that make the rider's life easier and the Bonnie easier and safer to ride. Still, there are two features missing that can make your Triumph Bonneville a perfect motorcycle and the ride an even more joyful experience.

It is a love affair for sure. Very few motorcycle models can brag about making an impact as the Triumph Bonneville did. There are so many Bonneville riders that just wouldn’t want to spend a day without their Bonnie. It is an extraordinary bond between a rider and the bike. It is not merely a means of transportation. The motorcycle complements the rider and vice versa, and it seems, they couldn’t exist without each other.

For many, it is a daily ritual. Keeping it cleaner than your teeth and better maintained than everything else you own is the main priority for many Bonneville riders. You want to provide the best care for your Bonnie. If you read through the blog, you just might find some interesting modifications that will make you love your Bonnie even more.

Triumph Bonneville


Triumph engineering, now called Triumph Motorcycles, presented the first generation of the Triumph Bonneville series in 1959. Triumph produced the first generation until 1983. The second generation followed in 1985 with several improvements added to the motorcycle.

Triumph Bonneville

After a break of two years, Triumph presented the second generation of the Bonneville for three years, until 1988. The timeless classic became very popular among Cafe racer enthusiasts. It’s no wonder it became so popular, and the name says a lot why. The Bonneville got its name from the famous Bonneville salt flats from Utah, the USA. It is here where Triumph, among other motorcycle manufacturers, tried to break the world speed record on two wheels. Their attempt to break the world speed record was with the T120 model. The 120 stands for 120 miles per hour, the top speed claimed by the manufacturer.

Triumph Bonneville

It was in 2001 when the third generation of the Bonneville series came to see the light. Even though the latest series comes with several improvements, optimised performance and countless modern features, they kept the design that resembles the original series that made it so famous in the past. And you must admit, their decision was spot-on. Even today, the Triumph Bonneville series grow in popularity. Not only among older riders but with the modern »hipster« generation as well. It just looks fantastic, and the performance only complements and rounds up this amazing motorcycle.


Why change something that was already perfect? The classic design of the Triumph Bonneville series didn’t change much in almost 70 years of existence. Well, the basic design didn’t change much. However, the recent modifications and improvements were integrated ingeniously, not spoiling the appearance as such. Some of the original features from the 59′ Bonneville are still the same in the latest models.

From signature styling cues from the original 59′ Bonneville engine silhouette to the elegant ‘peashooter’ style exhaust, the Bonneville delivers the deep rich note of a real British classic which are undoubtedly unique and distinctive features.

Triumph Bonneville

The latest Triumph Bonneville generation offers many different options for models, engine displacements and factory customised versions of the beloved Bonneville. Referring to Wikipedia article on the Bonneville, these are the available versions from 2016 until now:

  • Bonneville T120 Water Cooled 1200 cc: Introduced 2016. Flagship bike.
  • Bonneville T100 Water Cooled 900 cc: Introduced 2017. Bonneville with fewer standard options.
  • ThruxtonWater Cooled 1200 cc: Introduced 2016. Cafe Racer.
  • Thruxton Air Cooled 865 cc: Introduced 2016. Cafe Racer with pre-2017 Bonneville T100 Engine.
  • Bobber 1200 cc: Introduced 2017. Bobber with T120 Engine, Single-seat.
  • ScramblerAir Cooled 865 cc: Introduced 2016. Scrambler.
  • Street Twin Water Cooled 900 cc: Introduced 2016. Entry Level Bonneville-Styled Bike with high torque engine.
  • Street Cup Water Cooled 900 cc: Introduced 2016. Entry Level Cafe Racer.
  • Street Scrambler Water Cooled 900 cc: Introduced 2016. Scrambler version of the Street Twin.
  • Speedmaster: Introduced 2018, based on the Water Cooled 1200cc Bonneville engine and frame, with forward foot controls


Modern Triumph Bonnevilles come equipped with several features that make the rider’s life more comfortable and the Bonnie easier and safer to ride. From ABS, switchable traction control, torque assist clutch, engine immobiliser, USB charging socket, LED lights, to ride-by-wire and many many more.

Still, there are two features missing that can make your Triumph Bonneville a perfect motorcycle and the ride an even more joyful experience. Some of you already guessed it. But for those who didn’t,  it’s two of the smartest motorcycle add-on devices that were developed recently.

Triumph Bonneville

Smart Turn System will take care of your »blinker fluid«, and you will never run out of it again. Jokes aside, it is a system that will keep you from the false indication of your intentions, if you for some reason forget to cancel your turn signal. The Smart Turn System is very popular among Triumph Bonneville riders. It is one of the most common motorcycles that our customers list when ordering their next favourite add-on.


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The second feature I have in mind is a feature that practically no motorcycle has from the factory but is becoming a standard feature in higher price-range cars. This module detects any kind of vehicle deceleration and turns on the brake light, when you are braking with the engine or when you are downshifting, but not applying brakes at the same time. The Smart Brake Module will upgrade any motorcycle brake light with this feature, also on your Triumph Bonneville.

Are you curious how is it installed and how it performs on a Triumph Bonneville? Take a look at the installation video and the review from a former UK police officer, Mr Stuart Fillingham on his Triumph T120 Bonneville HERE!


Riding the Triumph Bonneville is a unique experience already with the entry model. It is not the fastest motorcycle on the road, but it packs enough punch to bring you a smile on your face. It has a lot of torque already in the lower RPM range. Since it has a low centre of gravity, it handles almost incomparable to any other motorcycle in this segment. Even though it has a low seat position, which makes it perfect for not so tall riders, much taller riders will feel very comfortable riding the Bonneville as well.

Triumph Bonneville

It simply has this natural feel, that provides comfort and allows you to feel the freedom to its fullest potential. Well, despite the amazing package on two wheels, there a certain little mock-ups that could add just a little bit more to the experience. Here is where the Smart Turn System and the Smart Brake Module kick in.


Together they work as an ultimate smart motorcycle upgrade, increasing your visibility and comfort and adding to the excitement of knowing it made your motorcycle smarter. And since it is a clever decision to upgrade your Triumph Bonneville with the Smart Turn System products, it proves the rider is smart as well 😉

I don’t want to sound it like a promotion (but I’m sure it does, since, to be honest, it is), but the best bikes deserve the best equipment. Triumph Bonneville is a fantastic motorcycle, and it only makes sense to upgrade it with the best equipment available. And when you think of self-cancelling turn signals or a module that indicates deceleration due to engine braking and downshifting, when not applying brakes at the same time, Smart Turn System team has a treat for you.

Triumph Bonneville

To sum up, Triumph Bonneville is a motorcycle that can hardly leave you apathetic. If you are searching for a bike that will fulfil your dreams, you will not go wrong with the Triumph Bonneville. You will love it so much, it will make your wife jealous, and all your friends will envy you. But when you add the Smart Turn System and the Smart brake Module to your two-wheeled lover, you will end up with a motorcycle that is just perfect in all aspects.

Smart Brake Module

A device that flashes your brake light when engine braking and down-shifting to warn drivers behind.

Smart Turn System

Best motorcycle turn signal module, that cancels turn signals automatically.


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