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    TOP #10 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders - #6 will amaze you

    Being short is difficult; you can’t see anything at concerts, you have trouble reaching high things, and you always have to sit in the front during group photos. Adding to all that, it is really hard to find a good motorcycle for short riders when you want to ride.

    If you aren’t among the tallest people, but you want to ride a motorcycle, this is a must-read: – TOP 10 motorcycles for short riders. Tall seats and wide saddles are inconvenient and swinging your leg over to get a comfortable position is a pain. Also, there is less leverage in balancing the bike. The weight of the bike and its centre of gravity need to be considered too. Nevertheless, it is essential that you can put both feet firmly to the ground while seating on the motorcycle since it is a matter of safety and control.

    Speaking of safety, this is one topic we always bear in mind, and this should always be your number one priority. The position of the rider on the motorcycle is one thing, but always remember to wear safety gear and keep an eye on other safety features as well, such as products that increase your safety, visibility and add value to your riding experience.

    Safety comes first

    Furthermore, there are some motorcycle add-ons I would advise you to check – the Smart Turn System and the Smart Brake Module. Not only are they simple and easy to install, but they will also bring you more confidence and a better riding experience while increasing your safety.

    Also, if you’re like me I know you like riding solo. You can be alone with your thoughts, but there is a riding buddy, who will always have your back on your every ride. I’m talking about the Vigo Smart Track. This essential motorcycle add-on can give voice to your two-wheeled beauty, and I know it will always be there for me. 

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      Where and how to start searching for motorcycles for short riders?

      Not to worry, we have taken it on ourselves to bring this list of bikes before you to satisfy all of your riding needs. In addition, we have selected bikes from all genres, and they are arranged in no particular order. Furthermore, note that the height of the bikes is not the only thing that you need to consider. An average size bike with a particularly squishy suspension might work just as well as a short bike itself. All in all, the ergonomics of the bike is sometimes more important for comfort than its size.

      TOP #10 Motorcycles for Short Riders

      What are the best motorcycles for short riders – the TOP #10 Smart Turn System list?

      • Ducati Scrambler
      • Honda CTX 700
      • Triumph Street Twin
      • BMW G650GS
      • Kawasaki Ninja 400
      • Ducati Monster 696
      • Moto Guzzi V7
      • Zero XU
      • Honda Fury
      • Yamaha MT-07

      1. Ducati Scrambler

      An American favourite, Ducati Scrambler is a stylish and fashionable bike intended for comfort and convenience over performance. While the default build comes with a seat height of 31.1 inches, there is a low-height accessory which brings it down to 30.3 inches.

      Its narrow and cushy seat, slim tank and a plush suspension are very inviting to people of all heights. Adding to all of the above, it is lightweight and has a low centre of gravity.

      Motorcycles for short riders Ducati Scrambler

      It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Scrambler is mentioned first among the motorcycles for short riders.

      There are many varieties of Scrambler available. However, any rider who wants the best of Scrambler will pick the latest Scrambler 1100 from the set. With three distinct riding modes for optimising the power and traction can serve as a commuter, a cruiser and an emergency off-road bike. It fits well to all torque junkies, whether they are tall or short.

      2. Honda CTX700

      With a seat height of just 28.3 inches, Honda’s CTX700 should be an obvious choice among motorcycles for short riders. It is an extremely versatile bike, with extreme comfort, superior weather protection, and plenty of power. The CTX700 has a very laid-back riding position and forward-set hand controls and footpegs. It is a personal choice, however, as some of us might prefer more traditional leg positions over the forward set footpegs.

      Motorcycles for short riders Honda CTX 700

      One of the best things about this bike is its automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission(DCT). Honda’s acclaimed DCT lets you choose between fully automatic or manual gear selection, via buttons on the handlebar. These bikes are perfect combinations of cruiser bikes and sports bikes in that it features all the comfort of a cruiser with open and roomy feet-forward ergonomics, plush comfort, and a remarkably low seat, while not skimping on providing a good torque, a broad engine power band, a lightweight feel and agile handling. As a cherry on the top of the cake, you have access to a full range of Honda Genuine Accessories which lets you set it up with backrests, saddlebags and just about any other travelling or comfort-related feature you would ever want.

      3. Triumph Street Twin

      Triumph’s 900cc Street twin features a narrow parallel-twin engine and a slender tank with a saddle only 29.5 inches off the ground. This entrant to Triumph Bonneville line maintains the reputation by being a joy to ride on for newcomers and veterans alike. The Street Twin is an affordable, capable bike with a torque-rich engine, great breaking, stable suspension and the characteristic Triumph gallop.

      Motorcycles for short riders Triumph Street Twin

      I would ask everyone to have a look at this bike, whatever your initial impression may be. It has very comfortable ergonomics, with an appropriate seating position, and handlebar placement and stability. It is a bike one can learn on and grow into throughout the years. Not only is it a perfect candidate for a motorcycle for short riders, but it is also a great beginner motorcycle.

      4. BMW G650 GS

      Let us go a bit off-road now. The G650 GS from BMW is one of their smaller bikes. But don’t let that fool you, the incredible engineering behind the BMW G650 offers you a smooth ride regardless if you’re cruising on the pavement, or adventuring off-road tearing up the dirt.

      With a seat height of 30.3 inches with factory low suspension options, BMW has been considerate towards people of less than average heights. The BMW G650GS should be one of your first choices among adventure motorcycles for short riders.

      Motorcycles for short riders BMW G650 GS

      This is a single-cylinder bike. Yes, it is not a big engine. But don’t take at face value, the torque is plenty when you need it and its smaller engine provides it with a better fuel economy. It goes 74 mpg and has a 3.7 gallon capacity in the fuel tank. You could even call it a commuter if you are really inclined. The suspension is another area it excels at. Primarily meant for off-roading, BMW has taken great care to balance the suspension for regular commuting as well.

      5. Kawasaki Ninja 400

      Ninja 400 is nothing less than a sports bike. It is lightweight and versatile with excellent handling and control. If you are into sports bikes and searching for motorcycles for short riders, you just might have found the perfect candidate.

      It delivers a genuine sporty experience even with its small size and focuses on a broader audience. Ninja 400 serves short individuals well, with a seat height of 31.9 inches and easy-to-handle build. It is an unintimidating and forgiving motorbike that one can grow to like.

      Kawasaki Ninja 400

      Even better, it is a ride you can take to an actual track regardless of your experience with sports biking. The power on this vehicle is easy to use, and the handling is precise and light.

      I recommend everyone with a full license to try it out regardless of your preferences for bikes.

      It is an entry-level sports bike and may not have everything a professional would like, but it puts care into making sure that all of its features are top notch.

      6. Ducati Monster 696

      A bike which does justice to its name, the Ducati Monster 696 is a bike suited to a variety of terrains. Not only it shows off the next generation of naked bikes, but also maintains the traditional style with fans counting in millions.

      It offers superior engine performance and versatility with lightweight and smooth riding experience. The quality of the bike is outstanding, and you are sure to be impressed by its horsepower, torque and the ease of breaking. Its saddle is at the height of 30.3 inches, which is bound to make every short rider happy. The suspension is high quality and offers a stable and firm ride. It is not a surprise the Monster 696 is very popular among riders looking for motorcycles for short riders.

      Motorcycles for short riders Ducati Monster 696

      One catch with this bike is its demand for big hands as its engagement point for the clutch requires a bit of travel. This makes it unsuitable for those with small hands. Overall, this is an affordable sports bike with a refined style and design. Make sure to check it out if you are a fan of naked bike aesthetics.

      7. Moto Guzzi V7

      “Eclectic and essential.” That’s the official line from the factory reps in Mandello del Lario, and I have no disagreements. The V7 is a bike that maintains its style while still conforming to an older aesthetic. Without a doubt, this is a bike that turns heads everywhere it goes. The seat is at a modest height of 30.3 inches, and that makes the bike easy to manage, and friendly to short-legged riders. Furthermore, the position of handlebar, saddle and footpegs is well adjusted to ensure a comfortable, upright riding posture.

      Moto Guzzi V7

      The engine is openly exposed, in all its V7 glory. This engine is as torquey as it is reliable. The suspension is fine, even if it a bit squishy. Note that the vehicle can get a bit shaky as you ramp up the gas too high. While there is fun in showing off the muscle, it might be more pleasurable to keep it under control. This is a powerful, sleek machine designed for commuting short-range with style. If you love motorbike aesthetics, this is the way to go.

      8. Zero XU

      Are you searching for electric motorcycles for short riders? We are not limiting ourselves to any particular category here, so, let us venture a bit further with an e-bike.

      Zero XU is unlike most motorbikes. It is small, compact and deceptively light. The seat is just 30 inches off the ground. As characteristic of e-bikes, it is completely quiet, and only costs cents to move around. It is quite a pleasure to ride with no limitation of gears. Insert the key, twist, and you are ready to go.

      Motorcycles for short riders Zero XU

      Now, the acceleration is relatively linear, but the top speed is 51 mph which is sufficient for most city commuting. Not only it has a removable battery pack for easy recharging and depending upon where you live, but also public charging booths are available as well.

      Surprisingly, riding this bike provides a similar experience as riding a bicycle or BMX. Without a doubt, it might just be what the more adventurous individuals are seeking. There is every reason to try out this bike once before deciding to buy a more traditional one. Eco-friendliness is but one of them.

      9. Honda Fury

      Honda made sure to offer motorcycles for short riders as well, and this is a bike for those who like glamour, style and beauty. It looks terrific and you are sure to grab attention wherever you go with it. And don’t let the design make you suspicious about the ease and comfort of driving. While it might not be as comfortable as some of the other bikes that we mentioned, it is not lacking in this department.

      Motorcycles for short riders Honda Fury

      It is not very difficult to ride, even for a beginner. As you get used to it, it will start feeling extremely comfortable, and with enough experience(which is not a lot), you will see the seamless cruising experience. The seat lies just below the 27-inch mark, which makes it a comfortable experience even for the shorter people.

      The V2 engines might cause a small amount of vibration while riding, but it is not too high, and the design dampens it significantly to ensure a pleasant experience. Furthermore, it also features a computer-controlled jet injection of fuel to provide better performance. There are a few cons, however. There is no fuel meter, and a full tank runs only about 150 miles. So, the rider needs to check occasionally to make sure that there is enough fuel remaining. However, don’t let that hinder you from buying this beauty. We promise that it is worth every penny.

      10. Yamaha MT-07

      Bike trends seem to be shifting rapidly in this modern age, the latest of which appears to be the “hyper naked” kind of bikes. Many manufacturers including Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki have released their variants for this style. However, Yamaha’s FZ-07 is so in demand that it has reigned supreme in the whole lineup. In 2018, Yamaha renamed that bike to MT-07 and released an augmented version.

      Yamaha MT-07

      In case you are wondering, MT stands for “Master of Torque”, but it would better fit the Yamaha’s classic XJR1300. That name doesn’t do justice to the bike, however. Not only it can serve as a daily commuter, but it also makes an awesome race bike as well and is perfect even for an occasional long-distance ride. Undoubtedly, it serves well whether you are a newbie or an experienced driver, and with its 31.7-inch seat height, it works well for people searching for motorcycles for short riders.

      Not only is this bike agile, but it also handles precisely and relatively steady. While it does not match up to some of its more massive and more expensive cousins, it delivers much more asked for at its price. Without a doubt, this is a bike I would recommend to everyone who would like a bit of sportiness in their bikes without getting overwhelmed.


      Fortunately, as you can see, there are a variety of options no matter your height. Do remember to try out the bikes first before you buy them. Do not rely on numbers and opinions. Some manufacturers even provide options to customise their bikes to your size. This might be something worth looking into if a Vespa scooter isn’t something you would fancy. Let us know if you have tried any of our recommended bikes and what you think of them.

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        19 thoughts on “TOP #10 Best Motorcycles for Short Riders – #6 will amaze you”

        1. blank

          Thanks for the helpful synopsis of low seat bikes. I”m an older rider (68) thinking of getting back into motorcycles especially after building a cottage in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec where the blacktop highways draw scores of riders passing by my home every day. I’ve got the itch back to ride again.

          As I aged I switched from a 1977 BMW R 75/7 to a 2003 Honda Silverwing maxi scooter 583cc ABS with front & rear brakes linked. I felt much safer on the Honda even though I loved my BMW. The scooter frame was much easier for my older stiffer joints to step through rather than over on the BMW. The scooter was a lot of fun, very comfortable and I didn’t miss shifting at all. In fact I think removing the foot pedals from the equation makes two wheel riding safer as IMHO hands are faster to react to an emergency than feet. And fewer controls to think about in emergencies is likely better too.

          I have settled on a Honda cx700 DCT automatic transmission. I can’t say that I like the look of the cx700 which is rather pedestrian-ish commuter rather than the classic Triumph Bonnie look that I love but the mechanicals fit my needs at this stage in my life.

          A maxi scooter isn’t a motorcycle. If you desire the look and feel of a true motorcycle a scooter while very fun and which provides 90% of the motorcycle experience won’t do. But if you are a new rider or an older person you might try a scooter before you buy.

          After 40 years of riding my best advice when purchasing a bike is get ABS brakes as they have saved me several times. For example: a trailer full of 2×4 lumber lost its load on an expressway. With very little time to react at high speed my scooter with ABS sailed over several of the boards and I remained in control of my scooter. Admittedly I thought to myself this is it I’m going down at 70 mph and I would have lost control if I’d been on the BMW.

          Panic braking usually causes the rear tire to break loose when you stomp on the brake and then let up on the brake pedal and then down you go. Its human nature. Few of us have the presence of mind to brake correctly in panic situations unless you practice weekly to prepare. And honestly who does that?

        2. blank

          An interesting list. I’ve not seen the Honda VTX but it’s an very ‘different’ looking bike. I quite like it, hubby thinks it’s ghastly. I would love to see more tourers out there. We are mile munchers and everything listed is pretty much smallish, lightweight bikes for having a play on. I currently have an F800st twin which is OK but would like to swap out for a decent 4 cyclinder tourer. Unless I wear stilts the pickings are very slim.

          1. blank

            I hear you Vicki! I’m only 4’11” and finding a long distance bike that fits me is hard. Do you think they’re telling us little ladies something?! Grrrr

        3. blank

          I’m surprised that the Indian Scout is not included. It’s a great motorcycle for the vertically challenged while having plenty of HP.

        4. blank

          Hi as a former bike shop owner from north QLD,i would just like to comment on the fact you find it hard to find a bike to suit your hight.
          I had so many times been told that by ladies that had hight issues & often found its only generally a couple inches they were short from being flat footed on the ground which is a must when riding any bike.
          So often i would fit the bike to the rider! for instance i bought a Harley Sportster sport my my girlfriend & she could only touch the ground on the ball of both feet when seated in the riding position that felt comfortable for her.
          so could of bought her a sportster hugger but it was to short,so i modified the bike i had bought by fitting shorter rear shocks & had the seat trimed to suit her backside wich gave her a much better feel on hugging the bike with her thighs & she felt more like the bike was made specially for her. She has always said since then then no bike has ever suited her better than that sporty.
          So it is possible to modify many bikes at a low cost to suit your self a ride style,so don”t limit your choices buy telling yourself the bike is not suited because of your hight. Many customers would say! “No its to Tall For me” 8 out of 10 i would have made to suit the Rider at a small cost.. So my point is if you like a bike it can mostly be adapted to suit you. If its a shop & the sale’s person knows there job they can surely help you solve any issue you may have to make the bike you want suit you be it a sport bike or cruiser. of course there would be cases that can’t be modified for safety reasons but generally you can have the bike fit you so dont limit your choices.
          just wanted to give my many years of knowledge in the bike industry. hope in some way this helps some people. Ride safe Trevor👍

        5. blank


          I am a five foot lady. Took a liking to motorcycles forquite some time. Can now buy one. Is a Suzuki Gixxer SF an ideal and safe bike for me?

          Would love to hear from you.

          1. blank

            I am 5’1 and the only road bike I’ve ever been able to touch comfortably is on a GxSr but it was lowered….the struggle is real!

        6. blank

          I am also five feet tall! Have you tried cycle-ergo.com ? I input Suzuki Gixxer and found a seat height of 30.7. That would be pretty tall unless you have long legs. I’m looking at the Harley Davidson Street 500 at 27.7 seat height with standard peg position and the Vulcan 500 LTD with a 28.3 seat height and more forward pegs. At those heights I should have good riding stance from standing. Anything over 29 inches high would be unstable should I need to do an emergency stop. If you find some good, short bikes, please share! I do think Suzuki is a great brand for shorter bikes and easy controls.

        7. blank

          I want to purchase a motorcycle for my wife. Sadly she is 5″3/ 5″4 and when we tried the brands she wants my wife could barely put her tip-toes down on the ground.
          My question is this, what Motorcycle would be a good one for her?
          She likes fast, sporty, ninja body-type (anything close).

        8. blank

          I’m an small older rider with short legs and have enjoyed the Honda ctx 700 for the past 6 years. I love the bike! The forward leg position works well on the paved roads, but when I hit gravel ( construction) I wish I could get my legs under me to shift the center of gravity to be more stable. It’s the one real downfall of the bike or possibly because where I live we have more gravel roads then paved. So I’m looking for another option and am getting frustrated that even the smaller sport bikes have seat heights too high for me to comfortably handle. Could someone not make say a 400 with a 28” seat height? I don’t need the fork travel as I’m not moto crossing, just would like to easily access our gravel roads. I’ve looked at the BMW gs 650 also 800 which would be an awesome bike and can stock lower to 29”, but the weight is still high ( I would add accessories on that one to ride long distance ) and the buying price is prohibitive, also servicing not local. Couldn’t Honda, kawi Suzuki or Yamaha come up with something? I’m sure I’m not the only rider wishing for this.
          Great arcticle by the way 😊

        9. blank

          I love riding but gave it up once i popped a sprog. My instep is 27inch i struggle to find anything low enough or light enough. I started with a Honda rebel 125 then went to a GPZ500 then a Honda Shadow 750 which i was not flat footed and was heavy to maneuver. There is a huge market unexplored for dinky riders and suprisingly no company catches on.

        10. blank

          Thank you for this list – but sadly it just confirms what I’ve seen in my 4 years of riding and researching: Despite giving lip service to wanting to increase market share by attracting women riders, the industry seems not to fathom that the AVERAGE height of women, at least in the U.S. is just UNDER 5’4″, which means an inseam of about 27-29 inches. I’ve had 5 bikes so far and the only one I’ve felt truly comfortable on, because I can get solid footing, is an old BMW F650 GS, 2006, lowered: 29 inches. Any hints you could give the manufacturers would be most appreciated! Thank you.

        11. blank

          I feel the same, there are now *some* lower sporty and adventure bikes but it’s still really difficult to find something actually low.

          I’m 154cm short and have an inseam of 700mm (750 with Daytona boots). I have driven a Harley Sportster 883 low and a Honda MSX 125. I was however looking for a good commuter bike that’s also a bit street/sporty or adventure like to go on some tours. The one I got working is Kawasaki Z650 with a low seat and a 25mm lowering kit from Hyperpro.

          Below is the list of bikes I tried but didn’t quite fit:
          – BMW F750 GS (factory lowered and low seat – too heavy and wide seat)
          – BMW F900 R (factory lowered and low seat – too heavy and wide seat)
          – BMW G 310 R (with low seat – tried this after the ones above didn’t work out at all, still a bit too short but could work with an after market lowering kit such as Hyperpro or Wilbers)
          – Triumph Tiger 900 GT Low (close, but still just a tad to high with the weight of the bike)

          I also looked at a lot of other bikes in the 300 to 900cc range, but after a glance at the standard seat height immediately discarded them as not an option.

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