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    The Honda Fury: A mass-produced chopper or a stylish cruiser?

    The lines of the Honda Fury resemble those of a chopper, a menacing, well-designed chopper. The teardrop-like gas tank along with the long fork is unmistakable chopper-like. That being the case, it is also a Honda taking all the best things from the Japanese giant too. Read on and see what my impressions of this mass-produced chopper were. Also, I will tell you about two accessories I came across and changed my life.

    Honda Fury

    Arguably, the Honda Fury is the most radical bike ever manufactured by the Japanese company. The Honda Fury 2019 is the update of the classic released in 2010 to a world in complete awe. If you go to the site built by Honda, the motto is “get furious”, and it is true, this bike has some serious attitude. Following that from the utterly menacing looks to the 1300cc that pushed it forward, this machine is serious.

    Honda Fury 2019

    First of all, let’s talk a little about the design. There is a crucial piece of information that not everybody knows. The motorcycle was designed by Honda R&D Americans, which means that the responsible people for the Honda Fury were US engineers. They worked together with Japanese Engineers, who were in charge of the engine. Due to this fact, as a result of such joint effort between Japan and the US, Honda Fury is the best of both worlds.

    However, Honda Fury’s design could roll off Orange County Choppers easily. And on the other hand, you have the heritage and leverage of the Japanese giant and the decades in the business. The result is a difficult-to-classify motorcycle, that is menacing and perform flawlessly.

    Is the Honda Fury a hit or a miss from the manufacturer?

    Moreover, the well-known biker and journalist Kevin Ash wrote for The Telegraph: “choppers exist outside the realm of motorcycles, I understand.” This statement represents the opinion of more people about this motorcycle; it is either Frankenstein or the best of both worlds. As a matter of fact, Honda aimed to create an affordable chopper, that enables mass production, and they were able to achieve it. In addition to this, Honda Fury is a bike that is reliable and has everything you would expect from a brand like Honda.

    Hit or a miss

    To conclude, the Honda Fury is perhaps the most reliable and affordable chopper. That being the case, it is also a cruiser for most of the specialised media because Choppers are not mass-produced. Choppers are not judged by reliability or technology; they use a different metric. There are brands out there like Harley Davidson that nailed this kind of idea before Honda did. For example, a direct competitor for the Honda Fury could be the Harley Davidson Softail Breakout. It is the direct competitor in looks and several specs except for the price tag. That being the case, the Harley costs twice as much as the Honda Fury, which is not a minor detail. For many, it’s a great pro to go and sit on a Honda Fury and give it a try. Of course, the Harley has a bigger engine (1,746cc), but that alone wouldn’t double the price.

    Honda Fury – affordable and amazing

    However, besides the design, the Honda Fury is ready for some serious performance in almost any paved scenario. The 1,312cc engine is a 52-degree V-Twin with a single-pin crankshaft and dual balancers. This combination gives the Honda Fury some severe torque and the roar of a V-Twin, which is one-of-a-kind. Also, the final shaft drive is utterly quiet and clean. Honda did a great job integrating it to the Fury´s design. In addition to this, the digital ignition with two sparks per cylinder and three-dimensional mapping is an excellent technology update. In addition to this, the PGM-FI induction with automatic enricher circuit gives the 38mm throttle body all it needs.

    Affordablle and amazing

    You can read the full specs below, which are crucial to make the Honda Fury the best of both worlds. If you are looking for an affordable chopper slash cruiser that looks amazing give the Honda Fury a chance.

    Honda Fury Specs


    • Engine Type – 1312cc liquid-cooled 52 degrees V-twin
    • Bore And Stroke – 89.5mm x 104.3mm
    • Induction – PGM-FI with automatic enricher circuit, one 38mm throttle body
    • Ignition – Digital with three-dimensional mapping, two spark plugs per cylinder
    • Compression Ratio – 9.2:1
    • Valve Train – SOHC; three valves per cylinder


    • Transmission – Five-speed
    • Final Drive – Shaft


    • Front Suspension – 45mm fork; 4.0 inches travel
    • Rear Suspension – Single shock with adjustable rebound damping and five-position spring-preload adjustability; 3.7 inches travel
    • Front Brake – Single 336 mm disc with twin-piston calliper
    • Rear Brake – Single 296 mm disc with single-piston calliper
    • Front Tire – 90/90-21
    • Rear Tire – 200/50-18
    • Rake – 32° (Caster Angle)
    • Trail – 92mm (3.6 inches)
    • Wheelbase – 71.2 inches
    • Seat Height – 26.9 inches
    • Curb Weight – 663 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel-ready to ride)
    • Fuel Capacity – 3.4 gallons
    • Miles Per Gallon – 45 MPG

    Honda Fury review

    Finally, after the overview and the specs, it’s time to have some fun. I went out to test this beauty in the city and the open road because yes, I am a lucky man. I showed up at the exact time at the exact place, and there it was – gleaming under the sun a beautiful Honda Fury. The colour they gave me to test was a metallic blue that looked amazing with the chrome parts. The view of the motorcycle is just amazing; you feel like a complete road king about to ride its horse. The slim gas tank, the fat rear tire, and the long fork give it a different look.


    The Honda Fury exhaust is dual, with a chrome finish and goes all the way to the end of the bike. If you have seen any other model like the Honda Fury 2018, 2016 and before; you won’t notice an aesthetic difference.

    Finally, I walked up to it and put my leg across the small seat to find a surprisingly comfortable riding position. When you look at the bike, you don’t imagine that you will be comfortable when you stretch your arms like that. It was a delightful surprise to find out that I could do many miles on it, and I still don’t feel exhausted. For most people out there, calling this motorcycle a cruiser can be confusing. In my opinion, the Honda Fury is a full-on chopper, perhaps the one that will change its history entirely. To conclude, it is a mass-produced, finely-designed and crafted Chopper that is not only beautiful but also works like a marvel.

    Honda Fury – a lethal combination for curious people

    Finally, the time came for me to start it, and the growl gave me the chill s; it is just what Choppers do. I decided to start slowly and rolled it onto the city pavement. For a bike with a 1300cc engine, this is a necessary test, because it has to cope with transit. First of all, acceleration should be something manageable, and the braking should be useful. City life is very different from the open road, and here I missed a tachometer. Instruments in the Honda Fury are simple, and the white background helps. However, for me they are a little too simple, lacking some information.

    Honda Fury review

    Rolling the first block to the first traffic light is easy to say that I stole all the gazes and glances. The Honda Fury is gorgeous and menacing and represents a lethal combination for curious people. We worked our way to the next traffic light, and the torque in this machine is something. The way it pushes forward is not for the faint at heart; we were flying over the pavement. To conclude, Honda did a great job at centring the torque at the low-to-medium to make the bike more useful and powerful on the streets.

    Honda Fury Accessories

    Smart Turn System (STS)

    It was a lovely surprise to find that my test bike had a secret accessory I loved a lot. Honda sells many accessories for the Honda Fury line, but this one was not a Honda original. You can see some Honda Fury Accessories down below, but let me tell you about this one first. The name of it is Smart Turn System (STS). This system does exactly what a car would do, and that is to disengage the turning lights once you finish a turn. If you are like me and drive both, you will find yourself doing a terrible thing: leaving them on. To sum up, this can cause serious accidents not only in the city but also on the highway. With this little gadget, my days of irresponsibly leaving them on are over.

    Smart Turn System

    The Honda Fury can take turns and curves very well in spite of its size and configuration. This motorcycle does have the comfort and dependability of a cruiser in a chopper package. When the sun went down, I turned the lights of the bike on. The round lap gives it an old-school effect. You feel like travelling to the past or inside the set of Terminator 2 hearing the drums in your head.

    Finally, I took the exit to reach the highway and decided to play with the engine a little. The shaft drive sends all the power to the back, and you can feel the wheel pushing you forward from behind. In previous years, the result of pushing the engine forward was to feel it vibrating a lot. To conclude, the Honda Fury 2019 is very different in that sense, making the vibrations minimal if any.

    Smart Brake Module (SBM)

    The running is smooth, and the five-speed gearbox makes sense for the bike’s power. I was able to make transitions between gears and slow or speed up without much difficulty. As a matter of fact, this takes me to the second accessory I want to talk to you about – the Smart Brake Module. This little and easy to install gadget engages your stoplight whenever it senses your speed is decreasing. Hence, which can be a life-saver when it comes to the open highway. You can have smooth transitions and also inform other people about your manoeuvre. I felt way safer with it on the bike than without it.

    Smart Brake Module

    If you would also like to be safer on your rides and want to prevent traffic accident, you can easily get these accessories too. Both systems are compatible with all the bike brands out there. If you aren’t completely sure, you can make a compatibility check. Just fill in the gaps, and find out.


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      Vigo Smart Track

      The best thing is, that the Vigo Smart Track that it’s compatible with all motorcycles and even scooters 🙂

      Other must-have accessories

      • Boulevard Screen – If you are going to take a motorcycle on the open road, you need a screen to deflect the wind. This accessory is a must for those planning to use this chopper as a cruiser.
      • Custom Grips – This accessory doesn’t only enhance your bike from an esthetic point of view; it also does it from a comfortable one. You will feel the grip is much better and more comfortable in the long run too.
      • Passenger Seat/Footpeg Kit – If you want to make your Honda Fury an excellent vehicle for two people, this is a must. The kit is easy to install and will grant you a smile from those you want to take with you.

      Saying goodbye to Honda Fury

      Hence, after driving for some time, I decided that it was about time to go back to the parking lot. The gas consumption is not an issue with this massive motorcycle at about 45mpg. You can even think of the Honda Fury as a badass commuter to take with you on a road trip or even ride to work every day.


      It was a bummer to leave it because it is a reliable, fast and super fun bike to ride. As I was on my way to the exit, I turned and saw the chrome shining under the moonlight. The Honda Fury is a beautiful machine.


      There isn’t such a thing as a Honda Fury Custom because it already looks like a custom bike. Honda did a fantastic job with the lines and also the features of this great motorcycle. It is fun to ride, reliable, durable and also has more power than you’ll ever need at hand. To me, it’s not fair to say it is a cruiser, although it’s as comfortable as one – it’s a chopper. To conclude, if you’re looking for an affordable Chopper from a great brand, you have to give the Honda Fury a try.

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