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    Almost fifteen years went by since the introduction of the first Suzuki Boulevard model to the world. And it is looking better than ever. Read on to find out everything you need to know about this living motorcycle legend, the Suzuki Boulevard. And scroll down to see the two essential mods to make it a perfect ride.


    In 2005, the Suzuki Corporation decided to put together a new line with different models that related to travelling the road. Most of these motorbikes were already on the market. With different names and minor changes in the cosmetics and transmission departments, several models joined the Suzuki Boulevard Line. Before this moment, the Suzuki Corporation never used the name Boulevard. It became a synonym of comfort, power and style.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    All bikes in the Suzuki Boulevard line come with a 5-speed transmission, comfortable seats and a tripping spirit. Suzuki designed the handles, footrests and the engine for long-distance rides. However, smaller models are also very city-friendly bikes.

    Engineers updated the Suzuki Boulevard 2016 and the Suzuki Boulevard 2017 line. The following is the review of the latest Suzuki Boulevard 2018 line and is the apparent result of many years of R&D. Let´s dive into the Suzuki Boulevard Line one by one.


    If there´s one thing that all reviews (and me) agree upon is that everybody loves the Suzuki Boulevard M109R. It represents a Japanese take on the mothership of all cruisers, the Harley Davidson.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    Suzuki made a strong move to enter the US market in style. So far, reviews and satisfied customers are doing it for them. The Suzuki Boulevard M109R is a serious cruiser with a big 1783cc fuel-injected V-twin at 54 degrees engine. It has some of the largest reciprocating pistons in a gasoline engine among the production motorcycles or cars!

    It also comes with considerable weight and strong torque, so it´s not a beginner´s ride by any means. The design is sleek, and the lines are breathtaking. It could be considered a perfect combination of a sporty ride with a chopper bike design.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    There is a common issue with the clutch cable becoming loose. But some riders reported they made 90,000km and counting, without having to replace it. Suzuki stated that this is normal because if the clutch cable was attached any tighter, it could break.

    On the other hand, a highly needed modification would be the addition of the sixth gear to have a smoother ride when hitting the highway roads. Finally, something that was a bit of a bummer for me was that fuel tank that would get you only up to 250km, making me stop at a gas station very often. All in all, the Suzuki Boulevard M109R is excellent. It is a powerful motorcycle with way more pros than cons. And it comes at an excellent price.


    As all riders know, horsepower on a motorbike is a serious feature. It represents the “fun factor” that makes us want to ride that bike and not another. This cruiser is not only breathtaking in appearance but also boasts 128 horsepower at 6,200rpm. It also sounds like a dream even with stock pipes.

    Suzuki Boulevard


    For those of us who like that stealth kind of look on our rides, there´s a Blacked Out Special Suzuki (B.O.S.S.) model. It is packed with the same amazing features and is also a little cheaper. In the Suzuki case, the matte finish does look very classy!

    Suzuki Boulevard


    A more dramatic take on the crossover between a full-on cruiser and a sports bike, the Suzuki Boulevard C90 is the streamlined, smaller version of the killer M109R. With a powerful 1,462cc V-twin fuel injection engine, this little ride can fly.

    In fact, one of the things that left me doubting a little is that it almost has too much power. For the weight of almost 330kg, the brakes could be better. When you get into a certain speed zone, you have to push both breaks very hard to stop it.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    Once you hit the road, a great addition to this model is the inverted forks. They provide (to me at least) improved comfort with the rear suspension and its single-spring design. There´s one feature that I love, but many users hate. That is the reduced mechanical noise. I don´t like noisy bikes. I prefer them down-pitched and cool, and the Suzuki Boulevard C90 does precisely that.

    The motorbike comes with a full one-year warranty regardless of the mileage, which means Suzuki is very serious about the quality. If you are looking for a classic look on a compelling ride above 1,000cc, the Suzuki Boulevard C90 is a perfect choice.


    If you close your eyes right now and imagine a beautiful cruiser, the Suzuki C50 will come to your mind in a heartbeat. The first time I saw it, I was stopped at a traffic light and got yelled at. I got so distracted by the design and the beautiful round shiny front light, that I forgot to move when the traffic lights went green.

    The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is a serious motorcycle, ideal for commuting to work and short trips. This bike sits very well under the 1000cc mark with a powerful 805cc 45-degree V-twin engine. It is liquid-cooled and has four valves per cylinder.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    There´s plenty of power to move her down the road. The one thing that got me off from long distances was the high RPM due to (only) 5-gear transmission. It makes cruising at regular Highway speeds a bit uncomfortable due to vibration and excessive noise.

    The bike would vibrate in a high-fizzy frequency whenever I pushed her over 120km/h, which is a pretty standard speed on highways. Suzuki could fix the excessive noise with the addition of the 6th gear. But if you keep her in the 100/110 km/h, the noise is not there.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    The Suzuki Boulevard C50 is also an awesome city bike with low consumption. And that great roaring, low-key rumble coming right from the chrome exhausts, it’s breathtaking. It is a ton of fun to have this bike. It will also bring you all the attention and compliments possible.


    If the C50 sports classic looks, the Suzuki Boulevard S40 is a complete trip to the past. From the outside and the inside too. It is still a carbureted, air-cooled machine, with a 652cc single-cylinder engine. There are some minor technologic adjustments to bring this bike to the present like the electric starter, five-speed-transmission and the addition of TSCC technology for improved torque in the low-end rev range.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    The blackened parts like the rear fender, the wheels and the engine certainly give it a more modern custom look. And the high and narrow fuel tank reminds us of a Harley Sportster.

    A matter of heavy discussion among users and enthusiasts is the old-school approach taken too seriously by Suzuki. For example, the rear brake is one of those outdated colossal drum breaks that is no longer being used by any manufacturer.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    The thing is that the bike is very light (roughly 175kg) and arguably doesn´t need a better braking system. Besides the overall look of a crossover and an old-school classic, it is also ingeniously designed, which enhances the modern attributes as well.

    The riding experience on the Suzuki Boulevard S40 is very comfortable. It makes it an ideal bike for everyday use and occasional trips not too far from home.


    Another take of the 805cc V-Twin engine with the look that resembles more the M109R than the C50. The Suzuki Boulevard M50 is a mix of state of the art technology. Unfortunately, some out-dated features like the rear drum break and flanged tank add a sour taste to the entire picture.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    These features make us all wonder a little about Suzuki taking nostalgia way too far. A vehicle this big should come equipped with ABS brakes. However, the riding experience is incredible, because you feel like you’re riding a big bike. But it´s not exactly an out-of-control power machine like the M109R. It´s more like a calmed beast.

    At 5,900 RPM, which means pushing it to its limits, you get 42 horsepower. This is more than enough to move smoothly and won´t make you feel like riding a beast. As with many of the bikes in the Suzuki Boulevard line, the 6th gear is something you wish it were there for the interstate highway trip. If not for any other reason, to get a smoother ride at higher speeds, and to avoid noises at higher RPM.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    The Suzuki Boulevard M50 is a great first ride for many who aspire to anything above 1,000cc. It´s effortless to ride. It has the looks and won’t break your wallet.


    Have you ever noticed how powerful the deceleration is only by releasing the throttle, even if you don’t hit the brakes? There’s no signal on the brake light to alarm other drivers that you are slowing down. Well, it is potentially dangerous since the engine braking or downshifting makes the motorcycle decelerate much faster than cars.

    Another feature that is missing on a lot of motorcycles, not only the Suzuki Boulevard line, is the self-cancelling mechanism for directional indicators. Read on to learn more about two small accessories to solve those problems.

    What about motorcycle theft? Are you also always parking your two-wheeled beauty where you can see her? Now there is a motorcycle gadget, that will prevent theft, and even save your life, if you have an accident. 


    Smart Turn System is a very tiny addition that fits the whole Suzuki Boulevard line. It works much like the one found in cars. The little aftermarket device will sense when you made the turn, and it will cancel your turn-signals automatically.

    Suzuki Boulevard

    I’ve had it installed on every motorcycle I own. Smart Turn System is an excellent addition, especially for those of us who are willing to admit that we do make mistakes, and leave the damn blinker on for too long. Sometimes 😉

    With Smart Turn System you can completely avoid false indication when you forget to cancel. And it adds to the comfort and riding experience. I already told you that the STS system is compatible with the whole Suzuki Boulevard line, but if you submit your email in the form below, you can expect a little gift from us 😉


      Enter your e-mail details below and STS team will send you compatibility confirmation for YOUR motorcycle.


      Our devices are compatible with your motorcycle. Here is your limited time offer.


      Releasing the throttle of the bike will immediately make you go slower. In fact, most bikers on the road most often use engine braking. This great little device senses the change of speed due to engine braking and down-shifting. It activates your stop light immediately, which could avoid many rear-end collisions.

      Suzuki Boulevard

      You can choose between a steady brake light or a flashing signal. The signal will only go on when it senses the deceleration so that it won’t confuse other drivers behind you. But it will attract their attention and make them more aware of your presence on the road.


      Vigo Smart Tack is the essential motorcycle add-on for every motorcycle rider out there. It will give voice to your bike and make sure you are safer on your rides. Through the app, you can always check the location of your bike, and if someone were to steal your two-wheeled beauty, you’d be notified immediately – in that way theft can be prevented.

      Suzuki Boulevard

      And even if you’d have a crash, Vigo’s got your back. This essential device featured an advanced and real-time SOS accident alert. In that way, your life can be saved.

      The pre-orders for Vigo Smart Track are available at THIS link. And the best thing about it is, that you’ll get it for 33% off + 1-year subscription for $4,90/month. I think this is a great deal for such an amazing product 😉

      I have it on my cruiser and feel more secure with it when I’m on the highway or a big road. It fits the entire Suzuki Boulevard motorbikes line, so it is a device that would make a lot of sense for any Boulevard owner.

      1 Month Subscription - Vigo Smart Track


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