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    Getting proper motorcycle safety gear is paramount for a good, long riding life. Moreover, riding safely is twice as fun. Taking controlled risks when on the road is the name of the game. Read on as we unveil what the essentials that you must have before you hit the road are.

    Ready? Motorcycle safety gear you can´t ride without, here we go!

    Motorcycle Safety Gear – Helmet

    Well, this is not only the most important piece of motorcycle safety gear you need to get started; it is also mandatory in most countries. Helmets can (and will) literally save your life in case of an accident. As you might know, the human mainframe, our operating system, the centre of operations is up there. Thus, this should be your main investment.

    You can buy helmets in four types:

    • Full-face helmet – This is the most protective technology created to date. It will cover your head entirely, including your jaw. The most modern ones even include Bluetooth technology for GPS, communication, and music.
    • Flip-up helmet – In this design, the entire front part of the helmet lifts up, freeing up your mouth and eyes. If you want the protection of a full-face helmet when riding and the comfort of a ¾ face helmet, this might be it.
    • ¾ face helmet – The ¾-face helmet covers your skull and makes room for your entire face. It is very comfortable, especially for riding in the summer and in urban areas. Bear in mind you need eye and dirt protection with it.
    • ½ face helmet – This is the least protective of the four types and only covers the top part of your head. It is recommended for scooter riders who don´t reach high speeds.

    We ordered the helmets by their protective power; from the most protective to the least protective. The pro tip is that you can own more than one to adjust to different case scenarios.

    Motorcycle safety gear

    Motorcycle Safety Gear  – Jacket

    This is another very important piece of motorcycle safety gear you can´t overlook. As you might know, the human mainframe is up in the skull, but the operation power comes from the chest. Thus, it is the second most important thing to cover. Furthermore, you need to make sure you don´t peel your skin on the asphalt in case of an accident. Believe me; you would much rather peel of a jacket.

    You can go for any type you like. Some brands manufacture weather-specific and armoured ones that will keep you safe and sound in any situation and weather. Otherwise, you can always go for the leather jacket and the mean face.

    Motorcycle safety gear

    Motorcycle Safety Gear  – Guards

    Guards are a big aesthetic no-no for many riders but can literally save the bones in your body. Having guards in such critical spots as your elbows, knees, wrists, and shoulders can potentially be a game-changer. In case you have never suffered from an articulation injury, it is as complicated as it gets. In the end, when you think about it, an inexpensive accessory can save you from years of suffering.

    Motorcycle Safety Gear  – Eye Protection

    Depending on the helmet type you choose, getting eye protection is paramount to ride safely. If you are a driver as well as a rider, you´ll know what it means to drive with a filthy glass or under the rain. Well, imagine driving your car without the glass. That is indeed how important eye protection is.

    Motorcycle safety gear

    The STS

    This little gadget earned its way into the essentials list because it takes care of a common rider issue. It will disengage your turning lights in case you leave them on accidentally. It senses you have completed the turn and then turn them off. Furthermore, it is easy to install, inexpensive, and can be as important as your helmet or jacket for improving your rider`s life.

    The SBM

    From the same company, this little gadget does something that should be a factory spec in most bikes. Especially on large-engine motorcycles, we tend to make our transitions smoother using the throttle and the gearbox only. This is to say that we change our speed without informing other vehicles around us. This little gadget does exactly that: it engages the braking light whenever it senses you´re losing speed. It is a definite must.


    Keeping your motorcycle safety gear in perfect shape; buying the right pieces can save your life. Yes, it is indeed that important. Riding casually, overlooking the jacket, helmet, and guards, or even doing it barefoot can jeopardize your life and the life of others.

    Be a responsible rider; always wear and use the best motorcycle safety gear you can afford.

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