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    Motorcycle Apps - Top 5 apps for planning the perfect trip

    Every motorcycle owner knows the best feeling in the world is a trip on your motorcycle. The thrill of the ride and the expectation of what the journey holds is what keeps you going. A good planned out route, away from the heavy traffic and monotonous roads can be a cherry on top.  But not a long time ago, motorcyclists planned their journey on a map. Nowadays many other possibilities exist, with which planning a route is more comfortable. You can make your ride more enjoyable with the right navigating system and the right motorcycle app. Check out the list of the top 5 Motorcycle Apps, which will make you enjoy your travels even more. 

    Motorcycle Apps every rider needs to try out

    Motorcycling is all about freedom and new adventures. Freedom to ride wherever you like. But the best route starts at home, planning it. In designing the best itinerary, motorcycle apps can be of great help. Some of them offer a GPS navigating system, while others offer the possibility to create your ride old-school. What I’m looking for in a motorcycle app is that it provides the option of tracking my ride. Moreover, this function enables ride improvement, and with better and more optimal riding, safety increases. Here are the best five I’ve tried out and would recommend every rider out there:

    • Best Biking Road
    • Tour Start
    • Waze
    • EatSleepRide
    • Calimoto
    • and a secret Bonus Tip 😉

    Read on to find out more about these great apps and why I decided to rank them as I did 😉

    Motorcycle App #5: Best Biking Roads

    If you are up for old school motorcycle trips, then Best Biking Roads is perfect for you. This motorcycle app lets you plan your route and pin your stops, which you can export to your phone. Best Biking Roads started as a website, and later they developed the app.

    A great thing in the website route planner is that you can put a pin on the location, where you want to stop. Even though the motorcycle app is great for planning your trip, it doesn’t offer navigation. What I also miss in the online route creation is, that it doesn’t allow you to undo a mistake made. In this case, you have to start over completely. That’s why the app is better because it offers this option.

    Motorcycle apps

    In addition to that, a great feature is also that the motorcycle app keeps track of your previous rides. When starting a new one, it shows you the list of previously searched routes, including rating, length of the trip, and distance from the starting location.

    Best Biking Roads users also established an active community, in which motorcyclists can exchange their experiences and best routes. Although it doesn’t offer navigation, it deserves a place on this list.

    Motorcycle App #4 TourStart

    Our number four motorcycle apps is TourStart, a route finder, creator and navigator. It gives you the option to have the route planned for you. Or you can easily design it by yourself. The website and the app work well together to plan and navigate your trip. However, the route built online doesn’t always look the same in the app. But the app will let you change and include new parts or of your planned course.

    Motorcycle apps

    TourStart doesn’t track your rides, nor information like average or maximum speed. But it saves your trips, in case you want to ride on the same road again. In addition to that, it also offers a function, where you can upload and share photos, videos, and weblinks to the point stop.

    Last but not least, TourStart also offers a great turn by turn voice instructions, and a database of motorcycle-friendly places to stay the night. A great feature of the motorcycle app is also that it’s available in English, German, Russian, and Danish.

    Motorcycle App #3: Waze

    Waze App is a great motorcycle app with navigation for your smartphone or tablet. Besides navigating, it also provides useful information for the rider. It informs the user on speed traps, accidents, and which roads to avoid during rush hour. With this, you will be safer on the road, and be able to plan your trips without any disruptive factors.

    Not to mention, Waze can also provide information on the nearest and cheapest gas stations and provides information on police radars. But what I missed on this motorcycle app are the complete maps – right now, there are only 13 countries completely mapped, which leads to that, that some roads are missing.

    Motorcycle Apps

    To conclude, Waze motorcycle app is great to collect information on your rides. It enables to upload traffic data to its server, with which you can inform other users about which route to take, and where to be more careful. The turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic, and other location-specific alerts encourage users to provide information on the actual traffic situation. It is an excellent feature because it ensures safety on every trip you plan.

    Motorcycle App #2: EatSleepRide

    The second place of our motorcycle app list holds EatSleepRide, which is a must-have for all motorcyclists around the globe. It’s an all-in-one tracking, social and safety app, which can help you track your rides, and explore all the best motorcycle routes nearby.

    Motorcycle apps

    This motorcycle app offers ride, speed, lean angle and other data tracking to improve your riding skills. Motorcyclists can view the information on a dashboard, and at the same time, plan a route. Not only the motorcycle app allows sharing of real-time location with other riders but also enables other motorcyclists or family members to track their ride off-app.

    While the motorcycle app offers so many useful features, I have to point out that GPS is not that accurate at some times. Its Crashlight® function although makes up for it. This function detects a motorcycle crash and notifies the selected contacts with emergency information.

    Motorcycle app #1: Calimoto – Road Trip App

    Finally, I present you the number one trip planning motorcycle app – Calimoto. When out on a ride, it’s crucial to have an easy-to-use navigation system or GPS. Considering that, with Calimoto, anyone can create the perfect trip away from the busy streets and straight roads.

    Its Winding Roads Algorithm enables the motorcycle app to plan routes with the curviest and scenic roads, which makes every single ride a breathtaking experience. It offers a trip planner, which creates an ideal path. Even though the navigation instructions may be tricky to understand, sometimes, the turn-by-turn navigation provides excellent support. Besides that, the motorcycle app also tracks the rides. Another great thing is also that it’s available in different languages, such as English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.

    Motorcycle Apps

    Last but not least, Calimoto will provide insights and statistics of past rides, such as speed and acceleration. In addition to that, with this motorcycle app, everyone can create their collection of perfect motorcycle trips. The journeys can then be rated and shared with the community, which helps other motorcyclists find the best local or worldwide rides.

    Bonus tip: Vigo Smart Track 

    The Vigo Smart Track app is a part of the new generation motorcycle tracker, the Vigo Smart Track. The advanced tracker features an advanced anti-theft notification, which gets activated if someone moves your bike when you’re not around. The app immediately informs you, and so theft can be prevented.

    Vigo Smart Track

    In addition to that, Vigo also features the SOS notification, which gets activated if an accident occurs. Vigo detects the accident on three levels:

    • Level 1: When you crash on high speed, the system recognizes it immediately. It calls your emergency contact, listed in the app, and provides exact GPS location.
    • Level 2: If you have an accident at low speed, the system will check what is happening. You will get an app notification, asking you if you’re okay. If you don’t respond to the notification, your emergency contact will be called.
    • Level 3: This is a low level of priority. Meaning, if your bike gets knocked over while standing, the system will wait what will happen to the bike afterwards. If you continue to ride, there will be no notification. But if the bike isn’t moved after it’s been knocked over, you will get a notification.

    Vigo Smart Track App

    However, the Vigo Smart Track app doesn’t only feature these two functionalities, but it also tracks your route and scores your rides. Your rides are then saved in the app and you can access them whenever you want, as well as share them via social media.

    Another thing I forgot to mention is, that the Vigo Smart Track is compatible with all motorcycle brands and motorcycle scooters. 

    Safety on the road is key

    As you know, motorcyclists are one of the most vulnerable actors in traffic. But each motorcyclist needs to take care of his safety. It’s important to drive according to regulations, to keep the safety distance, to use the right motorcycle app, and to be equipped with the right equipment or accessories, which improve visibility and safety. In addition to that, it’s crucial that a motorcyclist knows how to act in traffic, and to be careful in different weather conditions. To increase my safety on the road, I stumbled upon handy two gadgets from the same company as the Vigo Smart Track: Smart Turn System and Smart Brake Module.

    Smart Turn System (STS)

    If you also drive a car, you know that it automatically turns off your turning system. On a motorcycle, that’s not the case – you have to turn them off manually. The Smart Turn System is a device, which you can implement on your motorcycle, and while you drive, it takes care of the motorcycle turning system. It turns them off automatically. With a gadget like that, other riders and cars won’t ever again see false turning signs.

    Smart Turn System

    Smart Brake Module (SBM)

    Beside STS and the right motorcycle app, SBM is another great gadget for improving safety. Sometimes other traffic participants don’t notice you are slowing down, which can easily lead to a crash. SBM is excellent because it senses when the speed is decreasing. At that moment, it automatically turns in the brake light and informs other traffic participants about slowing down. With both of the products, I feel safer in traffic, especially when I’m leaving the office at rush hour and want to get home as soon as possible, and as safe as possible.

    Smart Brake Module

    If you also want to be safer on the road, you can check if both products are compatible with your motorcycle by filling in the form.


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      As already addressed, the best journey with a motorcycle begins with planning the perfect route, away from the heavy traffic. Every motorcyclist loves an open road, with lots of hills and twists, and to find breathtaking landscapes and beautiful viewpoints, and even though I tried many motorcycle apps, I still think that the feeling of safety is the most important, no matter which app you choose. 

      Do you also like to plan your journeys ahead? Which motorcycle app is your favourite? Share your experience with us!

      Have a safe ride! 🙂

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