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    Honda NC750x - The Queen Of All Commuters Is Back And Looking Better Than Ever

    The Honda NC750X is the queen of all commuter bikes, and its new iteration is as close to the perfect bike for the task as it gets. We tested the 2019 model and put it through the city and the open road to come back with a verdict. We even tried some amazing non-original Honda NC750X accessories. Read on and find out everything you need to know about this great motorcycle for the city rider and the close commuter.

    Honda NC750X, A Little History

    The story of the Honda NC750X goes back to 2012. To illustrate, the company was trying to release a new concept in bikes that will take on the world by surprise and change it forever. However, it is a very tough segment of the motorcycle market; commuters are prevalent bikes. The challenge that the engineers and designers had to face when creating the Honda NC750X was huge. However, they set out to design and build a different bike from the rest and, for what fans say, they nailed it.

    Honda NC750X

    In other words, commuter bikes have to have two particular characteristics that the Honda NC750X 2019 and Honda NC750X 2018 have: work in the city and the open road. This concept has been the basis of the bike’s life since the early stages of design. So, everything gravitated towards achieving it. The riding position is not different from many of the other bikes in the market, but there are some drastic changes in other aspects of it. For example, the traditional fuel tank that is between the legs of the driver is a storage place. This 22-litre space can accommodate most full-face helmets. The actual fuel tank is under the seat.

    Suitable for all needs

    Since its birth and throughout all its versions, the Honda NC750X got the fame of a fun, easy to ride, sturdy bike. In other words, the company aimed to have both; beginners and veteran riders choose this model to do daily commuting. Throughout the years, the company has managed to come up with a line-up that will suit all needs. You can pick from the Honda NC700S, a naked, sturdy bike, or the Honda NC700X, a dual-sport motorcycle. Also, for those who feel more comfortable with a scooter design, you can get the Honda NC750D and NC700D Integra. These are hybrid motorcycles with the comfortable riding position and familiar shape of a scooter.

    The history of the Honda NC750X is that of a bold design that is a commercial success too. It has been going strong and flawless past seven years and Honda already announced the Honda NC750X 2020. The queen of all commuters is looking better than ever before.

    Honda NC750X Review

    Everyone in the motorcycle world was excited when the company announced the new Honda NC750X DCT. This model has been a great-selling product for Honda and gathered millions of fans around the world. It is the perfect bike to ride effortlessly to your job and around the city, which is not as easy as it seems. However, motorcycle manufacturers had a hard time diming down the engine to street demands. If a bike is powerful enough to take on the open road, it is very likely too big to cruise through the town. However, the Honda NC750X is the answer to the question, which is the perfect bike to do both.

    Honda NC750X

    First of all, this year’s Honda NC750X is equipped with an endless list of enhancements that make it the best version to date. Firstly, the Honda selectable torque control is great to better adjust to different scenarios, which is not common among bikes this size. Still, the inclusion by Honda as a feature on this model is perfect. Also, the updated bodywork for 2019 makes a difference with the aerodynamics. This bike can not only go faster than the previous incarnations; it can also fit through traffic better.

    However, a necessary modification was to turn the front and the backlights into LED lights, bringing it to the present. To find a bike or a car today that is not working with LED technology is rare, and this Honda couldn’t be an exception. The multi-function LCD is another great asset to bring the bike to the present. Moreover, you can even choose the colours of it before you start your journey to better suit your taste. The overall feeling you get when you ride this bike for the very first time is that it is modern, easy and fun.

    Honda NC750 motorcycle accessory 

    The Honda that I tested, had an interesting motorcycle gadget installed –  the Vigo Smart Track, a tracker, that doesn’t just record your rides, but it features another two essential functions for every motorbike rider out there

      • SOS notification: The Vigo Smart Track automatically senses if you have a crash. At that moment it automatically notifies your emergency contact about it and provides the exact GPS location of the accident. By optimising the reaction time, your life can be saved.

    Vigo Smart Track

    • Anti-theft notification: This notification will prevent your bike from being stolen. Vigo namely senses if your bike isn’t around and at that moment it activates the anti-theft notification. By acting fast, theft can be prevented. In addition to this, Vigo also enables a 24/7insight into the motorcycle’s location, which will definitely take care of your peace of mind.

    Long-distance commuters and a weekend ride into the wild

    To point out, the exhaust on the Honda NC750X is perfectly tuned to have a little bit of the roar and some of the modern noise we love. Along with the Honda customisable suspension, the proportional damping makes a difference when riding. For cases in which you have to take people and luggage through the mountains, you can fine-tune the suspension to feel comfortable and safe. The wave pattern discs of the Honda NC750X are just right for you to feel at your safest on top of that ride. Braking and manoeuvring never felt so smooth as with these new additions by Honda.

    Honda NC750X

    In terms of the open road, the slightly higher windscreen is made for it. Long-distance commuters and a weekend ride into the wild, or the mountains prove to be a different experience with this year’s model. There is something about a 750cc engine that makes it perfect for those scenarios. Moreover, you have all the torque and power of a small bike when accelerating, and at the same time, the high speed of a medium-sized engine.

    When in a city situation, the Honda NC750X works excellent with its improved gear shift system. These smooth-gear changes are bliss for city transitions; you will very likely forget it is a manual. In this same vein, Honda DCT Dual Clutch Transmission plays an essential role in the overall feel of the bike.

    Finally, the storage room is perfect to put in your helmet. The gate-opening system located at the place to fuel tank is what turns the Honda NC750X into a safe bike for your belongings. The price tag of the Honda NC750X is $9147, which is an adequate amount of money for a bike that can do it all from city cruising to high-speed open-road driving.

    Driving with Honda NC750X

    The early afternoon of a Wednesday finds me at a parking lot next to a Honda shop waiting for my test-drive model. I’m hoping for red and am extra lucky because I got it. The sun was shining bright above our heads, and as everyone walks out and I stay alone with the Honda NC750X, I appreciate its curves better. It is a great-looking bike with some serious attitude to it. It might look small for some people, but it is a big machine for those of us who are not so tall. Moreover, I can still put both my feet on the floor every time I needed it during the test.

    Finally, I turned on the electric starter of the Honda NC750X and heard the exhaust roar with a smile; the sounding for a medium-sized bike is excellent. I sat on the top of the comfortable seat, which was perfect. I let the motorcycle roll gently into the pavement and started my test drive as the sun was beginning its descent.

    Honda NC750X

    The first thing that hits you about the Honda NC750X DCT, which was the version I got, is the gear system. The DCT technology developed by Honda is a perfect mix between a manual bike and an automatic. So, you can turn your motorcycle into a manual or an automatic for more fun or for having more focus on the road. As I started to swerve through the rush hour traffic, the improved gearbox proved to be very handy. Moreover, it is incredible how they managed to put the adrenaline of a manual transmission when you are on automatic mode. The body shape and improved stability are something to note, especially in a car-swerving scenario. I was able to squeeze through them in every attempt.

    Smart Turn System (STS)

    As the sun began to fall into its final destination, I turned on the turning lights and left the city to go for the highway. I wanted to try if this bike truly is a two-world wonder. To my surprise, when my turning was over, the lights disengaged automatically. I was blown away by this and later found out that they added this little accessory to the testing bike. It is called Smart Turn System (STS) and does exactly that; it disengages your turning lights automatically. So, for all of us who drive cars and bikes and leave them on because we are used to the fact that the car does it for you, this accessory can be a game-changer. It can avoid many accidents from happening.

    Smart Turn System

    Let’s go back to the bike and the open road; to be honest, I had higher expectations. Manoeuvrability and control are outstanding. It is an excellent bike for beginner riders who want to get into the mid-size bike world. However, for those of us who are veteran riders, the Honda NC750X is not the adrenaline and fun you would expect. The bike feels like it doesn’t really have enough power to take you to some higher speeds. It is effortless to use and manoeuver around corners. But, it doesn’t get you that rush to the body as other bikes of its size and price do.

    Smart Brake Module (SBM)

    Speaking about, I have been the kind of driver who likes to gear up and down to lower speeds instead of braking. This bike had another accessory installed that blew me away called the Smart Brake Module (SBM), which engages your stoplight when you lower your speed. So, for people like me who don’t touch the break-in transitions, this is a wonderful addition. With this gadget, I felt safer because my bike could inform other traffic participants I was going slower. Traffic accident averted.

    Smart Brake Module

    I went back to the Honda shop after doing some open-road miles and gave the motorcycle back. As the sun was finishing its departure until the next day, the red of the bike gleamed in the dusk and I thought it is a great commuter.

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      Honda NC750X Specs

      • Engine Displacement – 745cm3
      • Engine Type – Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve, SOHC parallel 2-cyclinder
      • Power Output – 40.3kW @ 6250 rpm
      • Torque – 68.0Nm @ 4750 rpm
      • Bore × Stroke – 77 x 80mm
      • Carburation – PGM FI electronic fuel injection
      • Compression Ratio – 10.7: 1
      • C02 Emissions 81 g/km
      • Dimensions (L×W×H) – 2230mm x 845mm x 1350mm
      • Frame type – Diamond; steel pipe
      • Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) – 14.1 Litres
      • Fuel Consumption – 28.6km/l (WMTC mode)
      • Oil Capacity – 3.7L
      • Brakes Front – 320mm single wavy hydraulic disc with 2-piston caliper and sintered metal pads. 2-channel ABS.
      • Brakes Rear – 240mm single wavy hydraulic disc with 2-piston calliper and resin mould pads. 2-channel ABS.
      • Suspension Front – 41mm telescopic fork
      • Suspension Rear – Monoshock damper, Pro-Link swingarm, 150mm travel
      • Battery Capacity – 12V-11 .2AH
      • Caster Angle – 27 degrees
      • Tyre Size Front – 120/70ZR-17M/C
      • Tyre Size Rear – 160/60ZR-17M/C
      • Wheels Front – Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast
      • Wheels Rear -Multi-Spoke Aluminium Cast
      • Ground Clearance – 165mm
      • Kerb Weight – 220kg
      • Seat Height – 830mm
      • Wheelbase – 1535mm
      • Clutch – Wet multi-plate clutch
      • Final Drive – Chain
      • Gearbox – 6-speed manual clutch transmission
      • Headlights – LED
      • Taillight – LED
      • Ignition System – Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance


      To conclude, the Honda NC750X is perfect for those who work in the city and live in the suburbs. On the one hand, it is not an impressive open road bike that will give you enough speed to cruise through your favourite highway, and on the other hand, it is a perfect bike to feel the adrenaline and the experience of driving a mid-size bike in the streets. The clutch system is perfect to forget about clutching and changing gears all the time. Honda’s DCT system is a great add-on for a great bike. Our verdict is that the Honda NC750X is a great bike for city riders that can-do small commutes.

      What do you think about this bike? Let us know in the comment section below.

      Ride safe!

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        6 thoughts on “Honda NC750x – The Queen Of All Commuters Is Back”

        1. blank

          After a year or so i got this bike, i got a little disappointed in the power the bike offers. I started test driving other bikes, including BMW’s R1200GS. Amazinlgy the conclusion after driving other bikes was that i didn’t want to exchange my NC for a new one. The gearbox is so smooth and the bike maximum user friendly, that other bikes couldn’t top that experience. I would appreciate the power of a littre bike, but that will increase the fuel consumption as well. In one way a little disappointing, but in another way satisfying: i already have the (almost) perfect bike for me.
          Aren’t there any complaints? There are, of course: i changed the seat for a Shad Comfort and the windscreen is continious search too. A more suitable helmet might take this last disturbance away.
          Although i recognise most of the points made, i don agree with the conclusion that the NC is a commuter bike. With only a few changes you can change the bike in to a comfortable touring bike for holidays.

        2. blank

          I purchased a used NC750X North American model a few months ago. I’ve already put over 3k miles on it. I’ve had BMWs for about 12 years (well over 100K miles), and this is my first Honda.

          *Handling is pretty good, although I agree with others that the suspension is lacking.
          *Sounds like a motorcycle, especially when you get on the pipe (unlike my BMWs which sounded like a sewing machine).
          *Gas mileage is amazing. I’m getting around 75MPG (seriously!) on my trips.
          * Seat isn’t great, but I don’t get the push forward that most people are complaining about. Maybe because I have shorter legs?
          *Plenty fast enough for me. Plenty of pickup, especially if you gas it in the sweet spot, around 4500-5000 rpm, it performs quite well.
          *Engine braking (which I highly recommend when riding). This bike has incredible engine braking. Which is good because the US version of the X model doesn’t have ABS!
          *WIndscreen – of course is lacking. I’ll need a good one for highway and cold weather.
          *Looks cool, I get compliments on the styling.
          *Body panel removal, component access isn’t great (as I found when trying to add things). My BMWs, I could have all the panels off in under 30 min.
          *All in all I really like the bike. Its fun to ride, and I’ve done several 300+ mile rides with no issues.
          *Not bad on gravel roads. TKC70’s would improve it, but works surprisingly well as is.
          *I’ve done some highway miles on it and it does just fine. A touring windscreen is in order for longer hauls. Plenty of power to keep up with the crazy New England drivers.


          *Soupy’s lowering kit, dropped the bike about 2″ and raised the the forks in the triple clamps per the 3:1 ratio recommended here.
          *Had the sidestand cut/welded 1.25″ shorter (should have went a little more). Maybe have them take out another .5″
          * NC750S centerstand
          *Skene P3 modulating brake lights
          *Wolo disk horn upgrade
          *Radiator guard (one of the generic ones off eBay)
          *Bar risers 7/8″ back, 1.25″ higher
          *Givi EN22 side cases
          *Grip Puppies (highly recommend)
          *Pigtails for charger
          *Digital compass

        3. blank

          I agree with your conclusion Chris. I did a 1000 miles trip this summer on my NC over 3 days and it was a great trip partner.

        4. blank

          Most informative , thank you. Would appreciate any information/views you might have in running in a new NC750X?

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