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    Big brands always take on big challenges. They do it with one thing in common: a big budget. If we take a look at what the past five to ten years have been for Harley Davidson, we can´t think of any other word but transformation. Indeed, the Milwaukee brand put out its first electric bike and now is coming up with an adventure model. We have no idea where the future of Harley Davidson is going, but be well assured that with motorcycles like the Harley Davidson Pan America, it looks bright.

    We have all the gossip, collected the info needed, and are even going to drop some data on must-have accessories for your ride.

    Ready? Get that tracksuit because we´re in for a dirty, muddy, bumpy adventure ride onboard the Harley Davidson Pan America.

    Harley Davidson Pan America, the concept

    The most revolutionary aspect of Pan America is the concept. Harley Davidson is the most iconic of all the American Muscle Bike brands of all time. They have designed and manufactured the quintessential rebel machine for decades. We all dreamt with a Harley at one point or another as riders.

    Just like Bob Dylan used to say, “times, they are a-changing,” and Harley Davidson needed new riders to boost sales. Hence, they are breaking into different bike segments unknown to them to this date. The first example was the great LiveWire, an electric bike that is very capable, using no other fuel than electricity. Now, with Pan America, the company broke the mould once again.

    Pan America is not a hybrid bike, but a full-on, aggressive motorcycle ready to bring down icons. It will indeed compete in the same segment as bikes like BMW´s GS1250, the Ducati Multistrada V4, and others of such calibre. Can Harley Davidson pull it off flawlessly with their first attempt? Everything indicates they are disembarking into the adventure category with a legendary motorcycle.

    Harley Davidson Pan America, what we know so far

    The first thing we know about the Harley Davidson Pan America is that it features the new Revolution Max engine. This 1250cc beast is capable of some serious torque featuring 145HP. Furthermore, the 6-speed transmission will allow the complete rider control over the torque and high- speed on the bike.

    Speaking of control and handling, the addition of the Brembo brakes (fixed calliper in the front and floating in the back) will give some serious braking capabilities to this machine. Also, the electronically-adjustable suspension in the front and the mono-shock in the back will help the rider overcome rough terrains in a breeze. The icing on the cake is the Michelin bobbed tires wrapped over spiked rims. This combination will make the massive torque of the motorcycle effective under most circumstances.

    Cosmetically speaking, Pan America might be appealing to some and non-appealing to others. What is safe to say is that there is no retro approach to its design. Long gone is all the custom, chopper, the cruising design that made the golden years of Harley.

    In the same vein, the instruments on the motorcycle are top-notch, state of the art tools. To begin with, the center of command is a large TFT display. This mainframe controls all the tweakable bike´s commands and is behind an adjustable windshield that will prove a great addition in long, windy rides.

    To see a little about this motorcycle in action, you can check this great promotional video by Harley Davidson here.

    Harley Davidson Pan America

    Credits – Harley Davidson

    When is the Harley Davidson Pan America hitting the market?

    The launch party (to which you can subscribe here) will be held on February 22nd, 2021. The actor Jason Momoa is the face of the marketing campaign, so you can expect to see him there as well.

    After that, we can expect to see Pan America hit the dealerships in the US first and the rest of the world following up closely.

    Harley Davidson Pan America

    Credits – Harley Davidson

    A pair of cool accessories

    I didn´t want to come to a conclusion in this article without telling you about these two amazing accessories you need to try. I came across them by chance and fell in love instantly.


    The acronym stands for Smart Turn System and works as most cars do by disengaging your turning lights after you´ve completed the turn. Shouldn´t this be a factory standard in most bikes? Of course, it should.


    The Smart Brake Module engages your stoplight when it senses you are losing speed regardless if you press the brakes or not. This is great for safe speed transitions using the throttle and the gearbox.


    The Harley Davidson Pan America is the beginning of a new era for a great brand. With this motorcycle, Harley Davidson will very likely break the moulds we have in our heads for their bikes. Thus, they are finally going to be able to break free and grow beyond their limits.

    Will the Harley Davidson Pan America go into motorcycle history as a ground-breaking hit? Will this motorcycle turn into a classic? That is yet to be seen; for now, we must wait.

    Happy riding!



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