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    Learning how to ride is a process that will very likely occupy most of your adult life. Indeed, those of us who have been riding for decades still learn new tips and tricks every time we jump on a bike. Well, maybe not that often, but we still keep on learning. Since we know, first hand, that knowledge is paramount to be a better rider, we put together this list of beginner motorcycle tips to help you out. Follow our pro tips and take a step forward to become a better rider today.

    Are you ready? Get your helmet because here we go!

    1.      Keep your eyes open, assume you´re invisible

    This is the number one beginner motorcycle tips: assume the car in front of you, besides you, or behind you is not seeing your vehicle.  This simple but effective technique will allow you to always be ready to take action. Remember that if you are always prepared, you´re never sorry. So, keep your eyes open to spot faulty manoeuvres in other vehicles and assume they are not aware of your presence.

    2.      Don´t break when on a turn

    Do you know what happens if you hit the brakes right before the apex of a turn? If you are leaning on one side, the bike will stand straight and stop your manoeuvre instantly. The result is that you are going to hit the fence on the side of the road if you are lucky. Always hit your brakes before the turn and use the throttle to push the machine through it.

    beginner motorcycle tips

    3.      Squeeze that fuel tank!

    A very important beginner motorcycle tip is to squeeze your fuel tank. Your knees, on most motorcycles, will be on both sides of the fuel tank. When you squeeze them in, you distribute your weight better, and you´ll put less of it on the handlebar. By doing this, you´ll gain more control over your vehicle effortlessly. So, squeeze that tank!

    4.      Stop blinking!

    This is a very common mistake that can potentially take you to an accident: leaving your turning lights on. By doing this, you´ll be sending an incorrect message to other drivers and riders, and the result can be a catastrophe. To avoid this from ever happening to you, I suggest you install a very small gadget called Smart Turn System on your bike. This easy-to-install device will automatically deactivate your turning lights when it senses you have completed your turn. Install this on your motorbike and stop blinking in vain; you can potentially save your life and the lives of others.

    5.      Always keep your heels in

    Your heels play a big part in your balance; thus, they need to be in the correct position. To improve grip, control, and safety when you are riding, keep them in, close to touching the bike´s frame. You´ll become a believer if you try it at least for a week.

    6.      Keep your eyes protected (leave that visor closed)

    This again is another important beginner motorcycle tip. Your eyes are not only paramount for riding; they also are the only pair you´ll get in this lifetime. It can be annoying not feeling the wind in your face as you ride on a hot summer day with your full-face helmet on. Nevertheless, leave that visor down and protect your eyes; you never know when a simple bug can turn into a nightmare.

    beginner motorcycle tips

    7.      Keep it loose on the top

    Keeping the upper part of your body loose will help you manoeuvre your bike. How so? The answer is very simple; you´ll have more control over your articulations and can respond better to extreme situations. Try moving your elbows like a chicken while holding the handlebar; if you can do it, you´re on the right path. On the other hand, if you can´t, try loosening up. You´ll notice the difference, especially when taking turns.

    8.      Keep it tight on the bottom

    As much as you should be loose on the top, you should keep your bottom tight. Press those heels in, squeeze the gas tank, and you´ll notice that your sense of stability will grow tremendously. Furthermore, the combination of a loose top and a tight bottom will give you enough flexibility and control to tackle almost any surface.

    beginner motorcycle tips

    9.      Ride at your own pace

    When riding a motorcycle, especially when you are a beginner, you need to take things at your own pace. You are not racing anyone, and no matter how cool it looks on TV to go that fast, if you are not prepared for it, you can cause an accident. Take it slow, learn how to control your machine, and grow from there. Being a great rider is a process that takes years to complete.

    10.    The golden rule of beginner motorcycle tips: when in doubt, always slow down

    Finally, this is a golden rule, one of the beginner motorcycle tips you should never abandon: when in doubt, slow down. Making decisions at high speed demands knowledge, nerves of steel, and, more than anything else, experience. Whenever you feel insecure about a situation, slow down, and you´ll always be safe.



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